Women Are Pimping Themselves Out Thanks To The Government Shutdown

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Since the government shutdown two weeks ago, websites matching young girls to “Sugar Daddies” have seen a record increase in sign ups. In other words, because the assholes in Congress can’t get along, government employees aren’t getting paid, and young women have taken to borderline prostitution as a way to make rent. Well done, Harry Reid. Well done.

Currently, there are 800,000 government employees furloughed without pay and nearly 2 million that are required to go into work, yet are going without pay indefinitely. Prior to the shutdown, agencies claimed that government staffers would not likely be affected by going without pay, as they claimed that the average American should be able to float unemployment for six months. What. A. Joke. Our national debt is currently 16 trillion dollars, our minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, and our underemployment rating is 18.4%. Congress is so inept that they had to completely shut down the government to try to get anything done and the President is throwing a bitchfit, threatening vetoes and executive orders left and right should things not go his way. But the people who are currently going without a paycheck because our leaders can’t get their shit together? Yeah, those people – the people who work for a living – are expected to stand on their own two feet and fend for themselves.

It’s horrible that it’s come to this, that because of personal agendas, selfishness, and a hellish case of procrastination, girls who would otherwise have a stable income, are being forced to pimp themselves out to rich men in the hopes of making ends meet. Think I’m lying? Honestly, I wish I were. The website profiled by CBS DC,, has seen a 50% jump in daily sign ups since the start of the shutdown. The company’s PR rep, Jennifer Gwynn, stated that typically, September and October are slow months for the business. “For us to peak at the end of the month in September…it makes no sense for us,” Gwynn acknowledged. She cites the current government situation as the reason for the spike in business, stating “we’re thinking that it’s tied directly to the government shutdown…it would make no sense for growth otherwise.”

Gwynn went on to state that many of her website’s new female members are single moms, who, thanks to the shutdown, are no longer receiving government assistance from programs like WIC, which provides nutritional food to low-income mothers of small children. As a result of the loss of assistance and likely the loss of a paycheck, these single mothers have turned to websites like SeekingArrangement. Hurts your heart, doesn’t it?

It makes me sick to think that skeezy men are reaping the benefits of vulnerable, financially desperate women. And it makes me angry that politicians, the ones we elected to represent us, are inadvertently to blame for it. I won’t get unnecessary political because this site is not the place to do so, but I will say that this shutdown is bullshit. I understand the stalemate, I do. But the fact of the matter is, everyone knew that a shutdown would come, that a shutdown was looming, and they chose to ignore it. Now we’re in an unnecessary pissing contest over who can hold out the longest. And for what? Maybe I’m a cynic and maybe I voted for the other guy, but I have a feeling that Obama is going to play every card possible in order to get his way. I think that we have senators and congressmen who are enjoying their soapbox a little too much.So, I think that everyone needs to suck it up, cut a deal, and get people back to their jobs. Call me a bad American. Call me a feminist. Call me whatever you’d like. This country is supposed to take care of its people, not turn her back on them. Women are whoring themselves out because their government abandoned them. And you know what? That’s not right. This is America. We’re better than that.

[via CBS Washington]

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