Woman Calls Out Her Cheating Husband In The Local Paper

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They say that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and though I’ve never personally been there, I imagine this to be true. Just ask any of my exes. You see, women are a special breed of crazy. A crazy that knows no bounds, no limits, and no confines. We embody both Johnson’s policy on Vietnam and Outback Steakhouse’s jingle: no rules, just right. We’re ruthless. We’re cutthroat. We’re cunning. And for all that we are, for every offensive stereotype we must hear, for every kitchen joke that is inflicted upon us, for every bad driver jab and Creationist theory that we must endure, there is one thing that we simply are not, one thing that we will never be accused of. We may be not know how to parallel park, we may be fucking psycho, and, yes, we may owe you a rib, but we are not stupid. We’re thoughtful, we’re planners, we’re doers, and we’re vengeful as all holy hell.

Proving this point to a T is a women from Texas. While the exact date of this incident is unknown, we do know that the woman at hand is the baddest bitch there ever was or ever will be. Timeshia Brown of Sabine County, Texas, known otherwise as the Messiah, found out that her husband was not only cheating on her, but had knocked up his mistress. And, so, in an “oh no, you didn’t” moment of clarity, Tameshia decided that the final word on the situation would be hers.

Rather than shooting the son-of-a-bitch in broad daylight, which is what I would’ve done, girlfriend took a less prison-y approach to the bastard (the husband, not the baby. Ha) and decided to publicly shame him, instead. In the “fuck you” of the century, Tameshia took out an ad in her local paper and congratulated the happy couple, Shara Cormier and Patrick Brown, on their baby…and then signed it “Patrick’s wife.” It’s true what they say, you know, revenge truly is a dish best served in black and white print.

[via Daily Mail]

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