Woman Called The Cops On A Swedish Beard Club Because She Thought They Were ISIS

Woman Called The Cops On A Swedish Beard Club Because She Thought They Were ISIS

I know beards. I know beards real well. In a mere three weeks, I can grow an award winning beard. Don’t believe me? Here’s photographic evidence, and here’s video evidence:

The only people I was mistaken for were Jason Sudeikis and Henrik Zetterberg’s cousin, and I’ll take both of those comparisons any day of the week. But this Swedish Beard Club wasn’t so lucky when a woman thought thought their flag resembled an ISIS flag and called the cops.

Per Four Pins’ Skylar Bergl wrote:

The Swedish chapter of the “Bearded Villains”—a group of beard enthusiasts around the world—had the police called on them at a photoshoot because an onlooker thought the club’s flag resembled that of ISIS.

The group were meeting at some ruins in Sweden to take photos with the group’s flag—it’s tradition for the flag to be passed around the many chapters of the Bearded Villains—only to have the cops show up an hour later. If you take a look at the flag, it’s not that much of a stretch, but if you’re driving past and see it from the highway, as the person who called it in did, are you really that certain of things to loop in the authorities? Listen, don’t call the cops on these men because you think their flag looks a little bit too much like a terrorist organization, call the cops because they’re grown ass men in a beard club.

Man, and I thought having drunk girls at bars call me “Jasonnnnn!” was bad. This trick just caught a whiff of a black and white flag and cried wolf on these hardo Swedes. In an effort to help deter other clubs from getting mistaken for ISIS, I’ve put together a solid two-step plan:

1. Don’t all grow identical beards.

2. Don’t have your unifying flag look eerily like ISIS.

Boom, problem solved.

[via Four Pins]

Image via Four Pins

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