Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Date A “Fit Chick”

She’s disciplined.

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Fitness is a lofty commitment and it doesn’t end in the gym. Every day fit girls are faced with one temptation after another and must decide between instant gratification (pizza!) and delayed satisfaction (a slammin’ body). We’ve trained our brains to ignore our cravings so that we can stay true to our long-term fitness goals. That discipline surpasses the gym into relationships, though, because once we’ve mastered the art of restraint in one area it’s not difficult to do so in others. It’s all mental. Passing up a heavy whip mocha frappuccino isn’t easy, but it sure as hell makes turning down a Channing Tatum lookalike a heck of a lot easier if we’re in a committed relationship with you.

She can get ready fast.

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We’re used to wearing sweatpants and sports bras, so a pair of heels and a little mascara is all we really need to feel beautiful. Every girl enjoys playing dress up and painting our nails because, well, we’re girls. But fit girls are capable of and totally okay with going au naturale on most days without having a freak attack about it. In fact, we prefer it because three inches of makeup will be sweat off in a matter of minutes. Thanks a lot, adrenal glands.

She’s humble.

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Everyone has their own story about what got them into fitness. Some sought an outlet for stress relief and others a boost in self-esteem. But no matter what the reason, fitness changed our lives. Though the mirror and cameras may capture our flex-worthy arms and washboard abs, we will always see traces of our former self. Unlike the naturally thin chicks who eat cupcakes for breakfast and “can’t even gain a pound,” (not hating, just jealous) our past is what keeps us grounded.

She likes to eat.

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Food is our fuel. We don’t do the four-day tea cleanse or cottage cheese crash diets. Rather, we bulk, because we know that we actually need a surplus of calories in order to grow. Since we have more muscle and we’re working out regularly, we need to refuel very often. On the same note, our pantries are stocked with all of the man-sentials, i.e. A1 sauce, readily accessible fixins for sandwiches, etc. Don’t get me wrong though, we can house a stack of pancakes in only a few breaths, but we know that they’re not good for us because we’re concerned with nutrients. The same goes for cigarettes and alcohol. We don’t want that crap inside of our bodies — we want to be healthy, not skinny. There’s a difference. We know, though, that this lifestyle isn’t for everyone and we won’t try to change you or make you lift and run with us. However, we’ll respect it when you try because it shows you care and that you have an open mind. That’s sexy.

She has long-term goals.

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America has a quick fix mentally, but not us. We’re the psychics of our time, predicting our future by the numerical labels on the weights at the gym. We are ambitious and we know that a six-pack won’t grow in overnight, but we also know that we can lose what we’ve got in a matter of weeks and since we worked our asses off/on for what we’ve got, we’re not willing to let up just yet. We’re naturally goal-setters and we get off on achieving and surpassing the ones that pertain to our body. And so, we look for the same rush in…other areas. Ultimately, we want to be independently successful, but we also want you to help us reach our protein powder on top of the fridge.

Dat Ass, Doe.

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She has a great ass. Enough said.

Images via @ashruns100s, @sporteluxe, @jenselter, @muffintopless, @nataliejillfit

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"That's what," she said.

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