Why You Need To Start Watching “The Goldbergs”


ABC’s new show “The Goldbergs” is one of the best shows on TV right now. It follows Adam Goldberg, the show’s director, and his family in a semi-biographical sitcom about growing up in the ’80s. For those of you who haven’t seen it, here’s what you’re missing.

Greater Philly Accents: Goldberg grew up in Jenkintown, Pa., just outside of Philadelphia. Having spent some time in the Philadelphia area, I’ve grown to appreciate the Philly accent. It’s a hybrid that isn’t quite New York, New Jersey, or Midwestern–but it’s 100 percent unique and hilarious, and plentiful throughout the show.

The Family: The Goldbergs are the typical family next door. Beverly, the mom, is notorious for having mom goggles (i.e. thinking her kids are the most talented in the world). Murray, the father, works his ass off at a job he hates only to come home to a house full of kids who don’t respect him. Barry is the awkward, overly-confident older brother who always tries to prove his worth, and subsequently always fails to do so. Erica is the token smokeshow daughter, even while dressing in the monstrosities of 1980s fashion. Pops is the kind, old man (he encourages Erica to perform in the school talent show) but at the same time, he has a dirty mind (he tried to wear an apron with “Eat My Meat” printed on it to a barbeque with the neighbors). Adam, the main character, is figuring out how to deal with all the things associated with coming of age. Put all these characters under one roof, and a half hour of hilarity ensues.

Typical ’80s problems: From having to share one landline to make calls because nobody had cell phones to taping a Phillies’ playoff game and hoping nobody spills the score, “The Goldbergs” is full of dilemmas that we take for granted in our age of technology.

The style: The ’80s were known for their neon day-glow colors, big hair, and Zubaz pants, and the Goldberg family does not fail to disappoint. Beverly is especially into the fashion, as she has a closet filled with more shoulder pads than the Patriots’ locker room.

’80s Power Ballads: Every show ends with an ’80s power ballad playing in the background. It leads to a powerful ending, and leaves you longing for next week’s episode.

I encourage anyone who hasn’t seen the show to get on it ASAP–Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on ABC. You can thank me later.

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Andy is currently a dental student. When he's not drillin' and fillin' or studying for board exams, he enjoys a fine PBR and some mid-range scotch.

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