Why Moving In Together Isn’t As Bad As You Might Think


Remember all the rants your parents and grandparents went on, and still go on, about how moving in with your significant other leads to a higher chance of divorce? They call it the “marriage slayer,” and they were very uneasy when you told them you were moving in with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Well, accordingly to TIME, your parents were wrong. Kind of. See, the old fact that divorce rates increase when significant others move in together failed to mention some pretty important factors. These factors would obviously result in a divorce regardless of whether the couple moved in together.


Did no one ever think to consider that divorces happen due to the lack of maturity at young ages? Once your next-door neighbor, Lisa, got in a fight with her parents and moved in with her boyfriend, Spyder, when she was 16–well, I think the outcome is pretty obvious. According to the study, the lowest age one should consider moving in with someone is at 23, and the longer you wait, the better the marriage sticks. So don’t worry, my fellow 23 and older friends. Once you find someone, you’ll do better than Teddy and Krista when they moved in together after turning 19.

Social Classes

Yep, people who struggle to live check by check (or those on welfare) tend to move in with their boyfriends or girlfriends within a couple months in order to save a few bucks with one rent bill. Don’t get me wrong, going dutch on the rent bill is awesome, but people who are better off tend to wait much longer and decide to move in together for more reasons other than going halfsies.

Pregnancy Stick Results

Accidentally having a baby is a big factor when it comes to couple splits. It doesn’t come as a surprise that couples who mistakenly become pregnant rush to move in together or get married. This unpreparedness turns into stress and frustration, and it could result in a pretty nasty split. My theory is that babies are demons. I am in no rush to become responsible for a little human crawling around any time soon.

“So why get married then? What’s the point of it when you’re getting all the benefits already?” is pretty much the response of every father when his child tells him he or she is moving in with his or her significant other. It’s true. A lot of the benefits of marriage are acquired once cohabitation happens. But there are mental and physical health benefits of marriage that you just can’t get elsewhere. As it turns out, married couples cope with stress much better than couples who just live together. There’s also a sense of security since a person’s husband or wife is not going anywhere any time soon.

So there you have it. You now have factual evidence that moving in together is actually a good thing. You wouldn’t buy a new car without testing it, right? Right. When you’re ready to tell your parents, just pull up this column and you’ll be ready to go. Maybe even get a teleprompter set up to make it go smoother, but please, don’t send your angry parents to me.

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