Why Leap Years Don’t Suck

Why Leap Years Don't Suck

You may have noticed that today is February 29th, a leap day in a leap year. In the scheme of things, this is pretty insignificant. Outside of lame Facebook gimmicks or perhaps the one friend you have that actually gets to celebrate their birthday on their birthday, you may have not noticed at all. For the vast majority of us, it’s just another Monday.

But I love leap years. Not the whole year itself, though a leap year denotes some sweet stuff happening (US presidential elections, the summer Olympics and UEFA Eurocup all happen in leap years), but because the leap day brings a small bit of justice in an otherwise unjust world.

I’m talking of course of monthly bills.

You may or may not have noticed, but most bills you have are based on a monthly scale, be they for cable, Internet, the gym, what have you. If you’re like me, first of all, I’m sorry. But more importantly, if you’re like me, you hate paying for things you don’t use.

I understand that an a la carte billing system for television (for example) is out of the question. But that doesn’t excuse the fact that due to circumstances beyond my control, I can’t watch TV for 31 days in February. It’s literally – not figuratively – literally impossible to do so. So why do I have to pay for a full month like an idiot? Because the world sucks and it hates me, that’s why.

Which is why I’ve waged a heretofore unsuccessful campaign against cable companies to charge me 10 percent less in Februaries. I’ve called and complained several times, and once I got some movie channels free for a couple of months, but they sucked and I’m still unsatisfied.

So celebrate your leap day. Take advantage by using whatever monthly subscription you paid full price for, because it’s the only chance you’ll have at normalizing this travesty.

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