Why It’s Best To Date Someone Who Travels For Work


It’s not easy to find someone to date, so when you start seeing someone who says, “I travel a lot for work,” it can be a bummer to say the least. “A lot” doesn’t mean a weekend here and there. “A lot” means, on average, two weeks or more a month. My initial date expectations of lounging around on the weekdays while watching “House Hunters International” at night were dashed. However, once I stopped imagining what I thought things could be like and instead focused on how they were, I realized it was actually ideal.

Don’t get me wrong, it would be great to be in the same city that we both live in. I’m not immune to the tinge of jealousy when friends post pictures with their significant others out on frequent date nights, or when they tell me stories about the time they had pulling together an impromptu dinner. But there are so many unexpected perks to this kind of relationship that it makes the dysfunctional schedule worthwhile.

You don’t get bored with each other.

Remember that scene in “The Jungle Book” with the vultures? One vulture would say, “What do you want to do?” and the other vulture would reply, “I don’t know. What do you want to do?” Those kinds of boring, dead end conversations rarely happen when you don’t have the luxury of spending a majority of your free time together. Because you aren’t in the same city doing things together, you always have new stories. When you do get the opportunity to talk face-to-face (not through Skype or FaceTime) it’s exciting. You are both so pumped up just to actually see and talk to each other in real life that you don’t waste time being indecisive or irritable.

You don’t have to shave your legs.

This is actually the best perk of the whole hectic travel schedule dating life. He’s obviously not going to see or touch my legs when he’s traveling, so I might as well toss out my razor. Some women say they still shave because it’s something they do for themselves to feel groomed and attractive. All I have to say regarding that idea is that it’s a hilarious joke. I know for the guys out there that it isn’t sexy to imagine the girls they’re coming back to town to see are likely going full on “Cast Away,” but the truth is, shaving your legs is a chore. You have to be acrobatic to balance on a slippery floor while holding a blade. It doesn’t matter if a girl says that it only takes her a few minutes–it’s a few minutes she could have done anything else.

You have to trust each other.

Being with a frequent traveler is not for the suspiciously minded, worst conclusion jumping, tab keeping kind of person. You just have to trust each other and not question it. Without trust, how could you affirm that his “business trip” isn’t a “biz-niiisss trip”? Because you are both on the same page about trust, it clears up all of the nonsense and game playing that can accompany relationships. You aren’t wasting time asking questions with the ulterior motive of poking holes in a story.

You plan the best trips together.

Frequent flyer miles? Check. Free drink coupons? Check. Hotel rewards? Check. Your business trip beau can plan a trip faster that you can say, “I think I forgot my charger!” He is essentially the Rick Steves of airports, able to locate an available outlet or the route to baggage claim within seconds. All his frequent traveling makes a getaway even more exciting, because for once, getting out of town will actually be a vacation, not a series of conferences.

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