Why Every Guy Needs To Watch At Least One Episode of The Bachelor


For the next few months, every Monday night your twitter feed is going to be blown up with every girl you ever accidently followed swooning over #JuanPablo, and every Monday night you will have a choice to make: avoid all social media for the night and make yourself a recluse, or tune into ABC one night and see what all the fuss is about. I am here to say that as a guy, you should as least try watching one or two episodes of The Bachelor before you start to judge. And before we begin, I want to make this clear – if you are tuning into The Bachelorette, you are doing it all wrong. So now that Monday Night Football is done for the season, flip your TV over so you can…

See The Female Standard

When nearly every girl in America is watching this show, this is where they are going to be getting many of their ideas of the perfect man. Sure, every guy selected to be the Bachelor could be a model and has what has been described to me as “irresistible charm,” but that isn’t even the half of it. Every single date these guys take the girls out on is paid for by ABC to be the dream date of someone out there, no matter the cost. One episode last season, Bachelor Sean took his date to an ice castle. Do you have any idea how much ass even an average looking man could pull if he had a fucking ice castle? A lot. Add in the fact that these dates don’t occur in the suburbs, but instead in some of the most beautiful places in the world, and you probably won’t need to wonder why the last girl you took on a date wasn’t impressed with dinner and a movie like the good old days. In a perfect world, girls wouldn’t project these insane ideals onto the men in their everyday lives, but sometimes it grabs their subconscious, which also helps to prove my next reason to watch because it…

Shows That All Women Are Crazy

Every last one of them. You would think that when these girls knew that their every action would be shown to millions of Americans, including their friends and family, in a few short months, they would try to hide it, but they can’t. Tune into any episode and you will quickly be shown girls backstabbing each other, getting drunk and professing love way too early, and having emotional breakdowns for no apparent reason. However, as a man you have come to realize this, and this is one of the lessons from watching The Bachelor that will…

Help Prepare You For Marriage

There is going to be a time when (hopefully) all of us finally settle down and tie the knot, and with marriage comes compromise. During football season, your wife will put up with football on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays (with some Wednesday night MACtion thrown in for good measure), and will hopefully not complain too much. However, once football season dies down, it will be your turn to bite the bullet and put up with some of her shows. If you have never seen The Bachelor before, I can imagine it would be as frustrating for her to explain the workings of the show to you as it is for you trying to explain sports to her, but instead of offsides and pass interference, she is having to explain love and emotions. As painful as that may sound, The Bachelor will be a far better show to compromise with her on as opposed to Gray’s Anatomy or whatever they’re watching by then, because it has one thing those other shows don’t…

Hot Girls

75% of the girls that make their way onto every season of The Bachelor are what you would consider “model hot,” and the “ugly” 25% are what you would call “normal person hot.” Honestly, you could put this show on mute and it would be great viewing. Half the time the girls are wearing skin tight dresses, and the other half, well…

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