Why Business-Minded Women Are More Attractive


At some point down the road, after years of drinking, drugs, casual trysts, and general debauchery, you’re going to want to find a woman with whom to share your life and maybe even have a baby with. It’s going to happen. It’s a fact of life, like death and taxes. Even I fell victim to this sentiment after convincing myself the George Clooney bachelor-until-you-croak lifestyle was my destiny. I totally understand the concept of sharing your life with someone seems about as attractive as playing Russian roulette with a full revolver and a puppy. Since that’s the case, finding a quality woman is paramount, and a major trait to look for, aside from looks and personality of course, is a woman with a mind for business.

A woman with a business mind understands the value of money. She doesn’t have this fairytale concept that she’s going to marry a guy and immediately have a five-figure do-whatever-the-fuck-you-want monthly budget. She understands that daddy may have been able to buy her whatever she wanted, but you’re half daddy’s age at the very oldest and it’s going to take several years of high blood pressure and long hours for you to bring home an overabundance of spoils to support her future unhealthy spending habits. Women who understand the value of money also value what you buy them more, as oppose to asking you why you didn’t bankrupt yourself buying her a more luxurious item from the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom.

Not only does a woman with a business mind know the value of money, she also knows how to make money. Back around the time the housing market bottomed out, I dated a girl who had just graduated law school and found a job at a boutique firm. She was going to be paid quite well, and it drove me absolutely insane when she told me she’d rather rent than buy because she expected to be taken care of a few years down the road. I thought she was high. A smart businesswoman knows that until she gets a ring, she has her own financial well-being to look out for, and obtaining homeownership when everything is cheap is a no brainer if she can afford it. She also knows that a marriage is a partnership, and if or when that happens down the road, all her assets pair up with her husband’s assets, and wealth is created quicker when you have more assets at your disposal. It’s simple math.

A business-minded woman is also key if you ever plan on being an entrepreneur. Who better to have to bounce both your smart and moronic ideas off with impunity than a woman who cares about you and is directly affected by your success? Even if you’re not married to her, she wants you to succeed, and even better, she knows what she is talking about. She may have her own business, too. I’ve literally kicked myself before for not getting the number of girls I’ve had long business conversations with. Like that financial analyst for JP Morgan I met one time. She was the REAL one that got away.

When you are looking for a long term girlfriend, a wife, or a partner, education is only half the battle. There is nothing more attractive than a woman you can share every aspect of your life with, including your career. She’s not just a sex and/or baby factory. You’re sharing your life with her. Choose wisely.

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"Technically, Pablo Escobar was in sales."

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