White Girl Suffers Identity Crisis And Psychotic Breakdown After The Wrong Name Was Written On Her Starbucks Cup

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It was an ordinary Tuesday for Sydney Potter. She woke up, showered, and left her apartment at exactly 8:37am. Just enough time to roll through the neighborhood Starbucks and make it to work on time. Sydney had a big day ahead: three meetings, a friend’s birthday lunch, and a Paint Your Own Pottery class later that evening. Tragically, however, Sydney Potter would go on to do none of this. This was not, in fact, going to be an ordinary day, but, rather, a tragic one.

As recounted later on to police, lawyers, and medical professionals, Sydney walked into Starbucks at approximately 8:46am ready to take on the day. She was ready. She waited in line for a moment or two longer than usual (something she claimed — through tears — was the beginning of the end) but occupied herself by texting her mother.

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“That was the last time I ever heard from Sydney” her mother, Susan Potter, tearfully explains. “One minute she was there, and the next…she was just…gone.” She goes on to recount the last few minutes of Sydney’s existence.

“As it was told to me…you know, by the doctors…is that she finally got to the register and was just exasperated. She’d been in line for four, maybe five, minutes. Poor thing [sobbing]. And…so she finally is able to order, and she got her usual: Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte, no whip. She paid, asked the barista if he knew was the weather was like in Connecticut, and went to go wait for her drink. I think she was only waiting for maybe a minute or so, and that’s when it happened. The barista handed her her drink and…written on it in black ink…oh, God, it said [sobbing]…it said “Jane.”

Evidently the barista’s (seemingly simple) mistake was enough to push poor Sydney over the edge. According to the police currently handling case, she took one look at her coffee cup, looked toward the sky, and quietly asked “am I Jane?”

“She completely lost who she was.” Mrs. Potter goes on:

“It was as if Sydney never existed. She looks at me as if I’m a stranger. Visiting her in the hospital…it breaks my heart. Starbucks stole her identity. They stole my Sydney. And I want them to pay.”

Today, Sydney’s future is unknown. Following her asking God if her name was Jane, she reportedly walked around the city for days. She did not know where she worked, couldn’t remember where she lived, and had no recollection of her life before Jane. Sydney was found by a police officer three days after her disappearance. She was sitting on a park bench, mumbling to herself.

It has been 17 months since that fateful day and Sydney’s parents do not know what tomorrow will bring, though they remain hopeful. She remains under supervised care and refuses to answer to anything other than “Jane.”

She has Starbucks delivered daily. The family lives in fear of yet other name appearing on her coffee cup.

“We are just terrified. What if tomorrow her cup says “Sarah?” My God. My God…”

The Potters are now suing the coffee shop for an unspecified amount, though we are told (through reliable sources) that the number is in the millions.

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