Which States Have The Most Generous Tippers?


Thanks to the fine folks at the Yahoo offices out in balmy Sunnyvale, Calif., you can now see which states have the most degenerate assholes tip the best. Using data collected from the payment service Square, surveyors were able to determine the average tip percentage per transaction as well as the percentage of customers who actually tip. In addition, Square’s data also determined which cities had the highest average tip percentage and what the national average percentage for tipping is.

Take a look for yourself:

A few things of note:

• The national average is roughly 16.1 percent. That’s a little lower than I expected. I’m more of a 20 to 30 percent guy–I like to think this shows my servers I appreciate the favor, but I’m still not showing off.

• Denver comes in strong at 16.8 percent, which the highest for any city. It is followed by Chicago (16.7 percent), Tampa (16.4 percent), and Atlanta (16.3 percent). Austin, Texas, rounds out the top five, coming in at 16.2 percent. Turns out that the Grandex crew might not be such cheap bastards after all.

• Hawaii has the second lowest average tip percentage of any state. You can afford to drop $30,000 for that wedding on the beach but you can’t shell out some extra dough for those morning mimosas? I’m not buying it.

• California, one of the key states responsible for America’s crusade against financial inequality, which we came to know as the “Occupy Movement,” apparently has a little trouble opening up the wallet. I know those hipsters are all about being ironic, but I’m just not seeing this one.

• I certainly did not have Alaska checking in at first place, but I guess shelling out a little extra scrilla to make someone’s day is just the Alaskan way. You know, to help them forget that they live in Alaska?

• My home state of Ohio checks in right smack dab in the middle of spectrum. Very average, just like everything else we do. Way to go, guys.

• To be honest with you, I almost forgot Delaware was a state. Apparently so did everyone else, seeing as only 38 percent of folks in Delaware actually tip.

There you have it. Apparently you all are just a bunch of tight asses in the tip department. Also, I’ve been told that a pair of boobs and a winning personality generally lead to more frequent and higher tip percentages. Square has not provided any data to support this correlation yet. Stay posted.


[via Yahoo]

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