What Your Tinder Match Radius Says About You

What Your Tinder Match Radius Says About You

With nearly 100 million downloads, Tinder is redefining the dating game, especially for millennials. With the swipe of your finger, you’re chatting with a stranger. Dating and meeting up with someone has never been easier. Instead of going to the bars and striking out, Tinder allows you to find possible matches from right down the road, to 100 miles away. Looking at your match radius can tell a lot about the kind of person you are and what you’re looking for.

Less than five miles.

You’re on Tinder to sleep with someone, and you’re putting in minimal effort to see this person after you’ve done the deed. You’re not going out of your way to meet-up because you have another in the queue. This person is close and easy, just like you. There’s little meaningful conversation between you two and you’re trying to meet them as soon as possible. You’re a horny guy, if she doesn’t have the time, you’ll find someone else in the area.

Under twenty miles.

You’re willing to take it slow with this person, you’re not just looking to smash and dash because you just spent $50 dollars on the dinner and Uber. You’re interested in getting to know them and see if a relationship is possible. If you’re meeting someone twenty miles away, you’re hoping for a little more than a one-night stand. Anything in this range takes time and commitment, something the under-five group doesn’t care about.

Up to fifty miles.

You’re a numbers man, even a broken clock is right twice a day and that’s your mentality. Eventually, you’re going to get a match. You must be Paul Walker because you’re playing fast and furious with the swipes, looking for anything that’ll stick. You don’t know if you want a nut, or if you’re looking for a relationship. If you get a match, you’re stuck in limbo, waiting to see who starts the conversation. Nothing is going to come from this unless you’re lonely, horny, or desperate you aren’t making a move. The match between the twenty and fifty miles is like getting a job promotion without a pay raise. It’s something to brag about but doesn’t help you out much.

Greater than fifty miles.

You’re a collector, you’re most likely a hot, blonde, college girl with 500 matches and 7 conversations, all from people you already know. You have no intention of meeting these people and you both know that. You’re on here to reaffirm that you’re hot. Your boyfriend just dumped you and you want to be noticed. Every guy swipes right on you. You’re gonna delete Tinder in a week, but until then you’re looking to just be recognized by everyone.

With more than a billion swipes a day, Tinder is helping us find love in all the wrong places. Everyone is on Tinder for different reasons, but their match radius can tell you what they’re really up to.

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