What Would Tinder Be Like In Real Life?

Some Danish bros went and made a video of what applying Tinder IRL might look like. The saucy minx walks through the video swiping real men left or right based on her preferences. The men go flying left in quite the dramatic fashion. But alas, the fine lady comes upon one she deems worthy of a swipe right, but will the feeling be mutual? All I know is this lady is delusional. She denies all the men under the age of 45 from the looks of it. Then boom, she picks the oldest and ugliest one of them all and is not ironically, rejected. I think this is supposed highlight how ridiculous (read: efficient) and superficial (read: accurate) the app is as a 'dating' tool. Not sure how it works with the Danes, but I'm pretty sure no one here uses it as a real dating app. We refuse to 'date' anyways. We just want some good ole fashioned heavy petting as quickly and cheaply as possible.

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