What The Hell Is The #FRESHAVOCADO Thing?

What The Hell Is The #FRESHAVOCADO Thing?

So, this week, I pulled into work a little early. I left my house a little earlier than usual, through no fault of my own, and traffic was non-existent. Not trying to overdo it, I whipped my crossover SUV into the nearest Chick-fil-a, grabbed myself a chicken biscuit, and proceeded to check everything that had graced the likes of any and all social media since I had checked it through barely-open eyes while eating Chocolate Lucky Charms and saying, “Fuck you, Daylight Savings” over and over to myself in my head about an hour-and-a-half earlier.

Occasionally, I get bored enough to check Vine, and it just happened to be one of those days. It’s fair to say that not a lot of people are functional enough at 8 a.m. EDT to entertain me when I’m 30 minutes early for work, but I digress. St. Patrick’s Day was trending, but I’m Irish and drink whiskey, so every day is St. Patrick’s Day for me.

I moved along.

“#FRESHAVOCADO” came in at a close second, and since I’ve been intrigued by avocado humor ever since the Guacamole Grandma became a thing, it piqued my interest.

And if everything in life were like this Vine, you would never be let down.

The premise of the original Vine was simple and stupid (it’s Vine – nobody is looking for an Oscar nom): a Del Taco was trying to promote fresh avocados on the sign outside its store, but whatever part-time, high school dropout employee was sent to throw the letters up there clearly has less OCD than I do, and spaced them out haphazardly.

Thus, Fre Sha Voca Do was born.

And the Internet picked it up…

…and ran with it.

Finally, an alternate ending to Captain America: Civil War
#FRESHAVOCADO #SpiderManAuditions (Civil War trailer)

I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard since I discovered the Unexpected Thug Life account on Twitter, and that wasn’t until around the same time as #TheDress and runaway llamas brought us a week of sheer Internet fuckery. It’s been a minute. Keep it up, you weirdos.

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