What Girls Are Really Thinking On The First Date

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First dates. You either loathe them or loathe them. Those are your options. Let’s just be honest with ourselves for a moment: at this point in the game, we’re not really dating for the fun of it. You’re on a mission to not be the last one of your already-married-off friends standing, which is more of a sprint than a marathon. The dread to excitement ratio really levels out once you realize it’s go time and at that point, there’s really no going back.

  • What underwear should I wear? I can’t really tell if he’s an ass guy or a boobs guy, and if he’s an ass guy, I don’t know whether I should go with thong or boy shorts.
  • Wait. What am I even saying? Who says he’s even going to see my underwear tonight?
  • That’s right! I’m a lady!
  • A lady who hasn’t had sex in quite a while.
  • A lady who could potentially jump his bones before we even get to the restaurant.
  • I am a whore.
  • What if he doesn’t want to have sex with me?
  • What if he doesn’t even show up?
  • What if he texts me at the last minute all “but we can still be friends haha”?
  • No. I’m a smart, funny, relatively in-shape woman. Any guy would be lucky to have me.
  • I really need to go back to the gym.
  • I really don’t want to do this. I realllllly don’t want to do this. Nope. Don’t wanna do it.
  • What are some excuses that are believable enough to cancel like…right now?
  • Netflix.
  • Nutella.
  • My dog.
  • Sweat pants.
  • Pizza.
  • No pants at all with zero obligation to participate in physical activity.
  • I guess those are only good enough for me.
  • Should I bring a sweater? I don’t really know where we’re going, but what if I don’t need a sweater? Then I’m stuck keeping up with this stupid sweater all night.
  • Oh, crap. He’s here.
  • “Uh, I need like five more minutes. You can come on up if you want and wait.”
  • That was a lie. I need at least 20 minutes.
  • “Hi! Come on in. Don’t mind my apartment, it’s a mess.”
  • Also a lie. I spent all day cleaning which is why I need 20 more minutes.
  • “Do you think I’ll need a sweater?”
  • Ugh, he looks so hot, yet so casual. Should I change?
  • Oh, wow. This restaurant is pretty nice.
  • And cold. I should’ve brought my sweater.
  • HIM: “So, tell me about yourself.”
  • Uhhhhhhhhh.
  • “Well, I’m 23 and work in PR.”
  • Nice. Tell him the bare minimum. Be the least intriguing person you can possibly be. If he’s still interested after tonight, he clearly just wants you for a nice skin suit.
  • I know this is 2014 and I shouldn’t expect him to pay for dinner, but is he going to pay? Should I just offer to pay for my meal upfront? Is that being too forward? What is the protocol for this?
  • Oh, he got me. Phew, that answers that question.
  • What are we going to do after this?
  • Are we going to go back to my place? Are we going to go back to his place?
  • Am I just going to go to my place and is he just going to go to his?
  • Have I washed my sheets recently?
  • Have I left any incriminating evidence out? Too many Cosmos? Wedding magazines? Did I leave Pinterest open on my laptop?
  • That would be fun. “Hey, I know this is our first date and all, but I’ve already planned our entire life together.”
  • Am I on my period? Lol no, thank God. But seriously. Thank God.
  • Did I take my birth control today?
  • …did I take my birth control yesterday?

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