The Bachelorette’s Whaboom Guy’s IMDB Is Exactly What You Want It To Be

The Bachelorette's Whaboom Guy's IMDB Is Exactly What You Want It To Be

The whole world’s talking about Whaboom guy. He’s the man with the bit most likely to cause irreparable brain trauma, and that makes me respect his commitment to physical comedy. To the seasoned and skeptical Bachelor/Bachelorette viewer, it’s obvious this guy’s just there play his comedy hits, get his face out there, and hope the franchise keeps him around for a few years. They will. He’s one of the most Bachelor In Paradise-able contestants we’ve ever seen, and as it turns out, he has some acting chops under his belt.

One of our listeners hit us with a link to his IMDB this morning, and it’s exactly what I thought it’d be.

Doritos Super Bowl: Doritos Massage (Video short) Doritos Guy

2015 Six Guys One Car (TV Series)

2015 Doritos Super Bowl Commercial: 10 Minutes ’till Kick Off (Video short)

Day & Night (Short)

8 Reels of Sewage Davis

12 Corazones Especial de Circo Entretenimiento (TV Series)

Of course he has the role of “Doritos Guy” to his credit. I don’t know if that thing ever aired, but he’s exactly what I want to see in a chip commercial. I don’t want high level comedy with my trash food ads, I want someone who’s willing to lay it all out there and look like a dumbass. And don’t be shocked there’s a struggling actor on the cast. If you’re new to this, Bachelor winner Vanessa went down that road, too. The producers love it. They’re in the content business, and you can’t have a cast that’s only made up of 8s with sob stories. You need flare. You need someone who has absolutely no shot, understands that, and burns fast and bright.

Lucas Yancey was born June 4th, 1986 … yes he’s a Gemini … and has a twin brother. Crazy huh!?! He also has the same birthday as Angelina Jolie, so I guess that makes him legit, in one way or another.

He is originally from Woodside, CA and now lives in Los Angeles working as an Actor/Writer/Producer. He is known for his Comedic Films, TV Shows, Reality TV and Commercials. He’s a jack of all trades and a master of many! A renaissance man, who has a vision that only the wisest of wise understand.

Cast him in your next film, and you will never be disappointed. With his friendly demeanor, charisma, charm, wit and innovative comedy, he will always aim to please! However, he does like that Craft Services has a nice crispy breakfast burrito for him in the morning … extra avocado, bacon, cheese with some veggies mixed in 😉

If you want to know more … just ask!

Your friendly neighborhood Y-Man… At your service 🙂

There’s no way anyone calls him Y-Man, right? Even if they did, he’s whaboom guy now, and possibly Doritos guy if they’re smart. That’s probably better for him long term anyway. And if you thought he was punchable before, you’re going to absolutely lose your shit at his demo reel:

He also did a sketch with Rob Riggle, which actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it.

Lucas IMDB

That’s a showman if I’ve ever seen one. I don’t know how far you can go working Jim Carrey impressions into your set, but I guess it’s a crowd pleaser. Does that make him my power player of the week? No, but let the record show that I’m bullish on Y-Man in 2017.


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[via IMDB]

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