Well, It’s That Time Of Year Again

Well, It's That Time Of Year Again

This week is the worst week of the year. That is an objective fact. Sure, the week following 4th of July celebrations is absolutely terrible but you still have two whole months of summer to partake in your usual self-destruction. This week? A hundred times worse. It’s September, the weather is turning, the beach club and pool club become barren and you trade in your shorts for jeans or khakis. Or, I don’t know, whatever other type of preferred legwear there is.

Don’t get me wrong – fall is actually my favorite season of the year. Playoff baseball begins sooner than later and you have the return of college football and the NFL to coincide. There is no shortage of shit to watch and food to eat. Tailgates, grilling, drinking, pick-up football, and everything else all make fall worthwhile.

But, I’m not here to talk about that. Those previously listed items are tangible, already known things. I am here to talk about a subject I feel is tip-toed around too often: The Fall/Winter Companion. Everyone wants one, everyone needs one, and it’s getting to be that time to find one.

Right now is the buffer period, which is a beautiful time. Everyone is going to their preferred bars in New York City to watch the beginning of football season. This coming weekend is the first NFL Sunday of 2017 at SideBar. I have personally only been once and it wasn’t for me, but I know how highly attended that venue becomes for the 4 o’clock games. Every bar has their own college football fan base (Penn State at Tonic East, Michigan at Professor Thom’s, Alabama at The Ainsworth, the powerhouse Boston College at Brazen Fox, just to name a few), so no matter where you go it will be a great time.

Once we get into the thick of the season, though, it becomes increasingly apparent that one simply cannot go into winter without the aforementioned companion. It certainly isn’t like college where everyone was boozed up regardless of the day of the week, throwing caution to the wind and going home with each other left and right. Nope, the vetting process for a proper cold-weather compadre begins now.

Now, the purpose of the search is obviously for the generic stuff. Staying in on a night where you would normally drink to enjoy a movie or low key game viewing party. Going out together or with each other’s friends and enjoying the fall weather. Hell, you can even Instagram together, go crazy for all I care. It is literally what you make it. Or, it could be as simple as hooking up and then leaving each other’s apartments. You’re young (or old, who cares) and ready to make the best of a scenario that you may think is uncomfortable but is a crucial part of any winter well spent.

It’s necessary to address that this person does not have to be someone that you are interested in dating for the long haul. Speaking from literally no experience, as you get older this will change. But for my purposes, it is going in with the base thought of finding that person you want around until you both decide that it’s summer, you’re going to be at a share house every weekend, and will most likely be looking for other people as human nature takes over during the summer months.

No one wants to spend a cold night in the winter alone with no one to talk to or share shitty Chinese food with. That’s boring, and frankly, a bit sad. But, if you find the right person the winter could be a grand old time. Enjoying each others company, setting up one another’s friends with each other and maybe, just maybe, deciding to stick it out together.

It’s a great time of year and it shouldn’t be taken for granted. “Cuffing Season” (as the kids are calling it) is going to viciously sneak up on us, and if you don’t act appropriately, you could be left in the dust settling for the undesirables that you wouldn’t give a second thought to in peak-July form. Is this a touch shallow? Yes, but it needs to be said.

Good luck out there everyone. I’m rooting for you.

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