We Finally Know What Makes Your Coworkers ‘Office Hot’

We Finally Know What Makes Your Coworkers 'Office Hot'

A small study at Hamilton College in New York state suggests that the more often you see someone, the more attractive you find them. A group of 22 male and female singles were shown 112 photos of different individuals, half that had been deemed attractive by some unnamed arbitrary measure. The 22 subjects were to rank the looks of each of the 112 on a scale of 1 to 9 because apparently the universal 1 to 10 ranking system went completely over their heads. Their brainwave activity was measured as they were shown the photos in two different orders. In the second viewing, the “attractive” faces scored higher than in the initial viewing. There was also a notable increase in the brainwaves that are generated when we are excited.

This study, unfortunately, doesn’t tell me that you can go from a 1 to a 10 (in this study’s case 9) if you saturate a member of the opposite sex’s day with your face all day every day for a year. I believe that is called stalking, creep. What it does tell me is that if someone finds you above average attractive in one way or another, the more they encounter you the more attractive you become. The study doesn’t conclude whether it is a familiarity thing or if there are other variables involved since they didn’t test variables like sexual tension. However, it does explain how a 6 can become office hot if you see him or her on a regular basis, or even work together closely. So next time you see the “office 7,” you’re grading on a biological curve, but that doesn’t mean don’t make a move. Studies show we aren’t having enough sex anyways.

[via Daily Mail]

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