We Can’t Stop Drinking Coffee And Are Ruining It For Everyone

We Can't Stop Drinking Coffee And Are Ruining It For Everyone

Whether your caffeination comes from a Keurig, crappy break room coffee, or the way too expensive Starbucks drive-thru, there’s no denying that our morning coffee is a necessary part of our daily routines. From my friends to my coworkers to my classmates, I honestly couldn’t tell you the name of one peer who doesn’t rely on coffee to get through the day. I know that if, by some horrible act of God, I miss my morning coffee, I become cranky, develop a headache, and overall morph into a generally useless sad excuse for a person.

As it turns out, I’m not alone. According to data from Bloomberg, millennials are consuming coffee at an all-time record high. Whether this is because we’re exhausted from our side hustles or late night hangouts, or we just love a quality cold brew, we’re drinking more coffee than ever before. Considering we’re already facing the threat of coffee annihilation due to global warming, this rise in demand for an already-diminishing supply of coffee is extra alarming.

In addition to possibly eliminating coffee forever, which is horrifying enough, this demand increase is partially responsible for the higher prices we keep getting charged with at Starbucks or our local coffee shop of choice. As coffee gets harder for organizations to obtain, it becomes even harder on our wallets. As much as I love getting my daily skinny caramel latte, I may have to start trading it in for a home brew in a thermos if this trend continues. And unfortunately for us, it’s not slowing down anytime soon.

Bloomberg reported that of all the coffee consumed in the U.S., millennials are responsible for drinking 44 percent of it, and that number is only climbing. For younger millennials, our consumption has risen from 34 percent to 48 percent, whereas for the older counterparts of our generation, 60 percent of them now need a daily brew as opposed to a previously recorded 51 percent.

While I want to be mad at all of these coffee-drinking millennials who are sucking up the earth’s supply and making my Starbucks trips more and more expensive, I fall into that category, so I honestly can’t blame them. Start adjusting your budgets or getting used to shitty break room coffee, because while our tastes for coffee aren’t going anywhere, the money in our checking account definitely is. Sorry Starbucks, but it looks like I’ll be seeing you less these days. It’s not you, it’s all these millennial coffee drinkers. Promise.

[via Washington Post]

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