We All Think We’re Going To Be Working Until We’re Dead

We All Think We’re Going To Be Working Until We’re Dead

If someone told me I’d be working until the day I died, I’d probably tell you I died young. I plan on retiring and enjoying the crap out of my retirement. I mean, what the hell else am I stashing cash in my 401k for? Well apparently some of my peers from across the globe think they’re going to be working forever, according to Forbes.

Check out the graphic showing what percent of 18-34-year-olds think they’re going to still be in the cubes while hooked up to oxygen tanks and taking their lunch breaks through feeding tubes:

We All Think We’re Going To Be Working Until We’re Dead

Gotta say, I’m blown away at the work ethic out of Japan. Blown away. Same thing with China. But they’re not really helping their cause with the Asian stereotypes here. They’ve got that worker bee mentality. Keep grinding ‘til you die. Crushing deals, even from the wheel chair.

Greece only being 15% is bamboozling. Like, hello Greece! Your country is buried so deep in debt you need a Robert Ballard expedition to unearth it from all the debt it’s buried under. How do you suggest they are able to retire when everyone will need to work five lifetimes to pay off all the debt that country has. They’re incredibly poor; I have zero idea how they plan to retire before they die.

I need to highlight Spain for a minute. I come in contact with people from Spain every day through my job, and I have to say that I’m not shocked at all that only 3% of Spanish millennials think they need to work forever. Spain is a poor country, but it’s almost entirely their fault. The whole country basically takes the whole month of August off. It’s a great value proposition for hanging out, not so much for making money. I’m not so sure why Spain is so confident that they will be able to retire at a normal age, but hey, I can’t knock their happy-go-lucky attitude too hard.

I’m also pleasantly surprised with the optimism from the US, but not overly optimistic. I think we’re right in the meaty part of the curve; not showing off, not falling behind.

[via Forbes]

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