Watch Out For Creative Types Because They Could Be Low-Key Psychopaths

Watch Out For Creative Types Because They Could Be Low-Key Psychopaths

Every few months or so, a new study drops that makes you wonder whether you’re surrounded by sociopaths or psychopaths. They haven’t developed rad ass sunglasses like the ones in They Live yet, but I bet it’s only a matter of time. We drop the term “psycho” here for people that don’t wet their hands before applying soap, but I’m fairly certain that’s not really a telltale sign of a true psycho. Luckily, science has come through big time for us, and it looks like all those creative types might be a little suspect.

Researchers at De La Salle believe that certain psychotic traits are crucial to being creative. In a study, researchers gave 503 participants questionnaires and gambling tasks and concluded that impulsive risk-taking, a psychopathic trait, could be the key to creativity. They argue “emotional disinhibition, in the form of psychopathic boldness, is actually integral to some creative personalities and functionally related to the creative process.”

Shit. How many of your wild ass friends are you wondering about right now? At least 40% of my friend base is comprised of degenerate gamblers, and another 40% roll the proverbial dice every weekend. They’re everywhere, and they may be managing you right now. It’s believed that 3-4% of those in senior business positions are psychopaths compared to just 1% of the general population. That joke makes itself, so I’ll leave it alone. The best way to deal with a psycho in the office? Don’t look them directly in the eyes.

“Psychopaths – and other manipulators with ‘dark triad’ traits such as being narcissistic – are best at dealing with people in person, where they can ‘switch on the charm.'”

Gotta watch out for those charming, creative types. I may have just outed myself because I’d much rather walk into your office that’s 10 feet away than blow up your inbox, but that could just be because I’m an expert level time-killer. I’ll never apologize for that, though. Takeaways from this: Be wary of the outside the box thinkers in the office, especially if they’re in management. Total psychos.

[via Metro]

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