Want To Join The Mile High Club? There’s An App For That

a couple traveling in a plane

Like Rihanna, are you trying to find love in a hopeless place? For you, that hopeless place isn’t Chris Brown’s tatted arms. It’s the cramped, germ-filled box in the sky. That’s right, dating apps have taken flight. Instead of a last call, last resort hookup at the bar courtesy of Tinder, you can enjoy a last minute booty call before the seatbelt sign lights back up.

Tired of aimlessly clicking through shirtless selfies on land? Now you can know what the man who should have purchased two seats looks like unclothed in his bathroom mirror (or the one on the plane). Wingman is a new app that aims to connect you “with attractive people on your flight, all before you touch down.”

While you might have thought a wingman was a friend you toted to the bar to stand by your side while you poured drinks down your gullet and macked, it’s really an app that enables you to join the mile high club with a complete stranger. Silly me, thinking airplanes were one of the last meet-cute scenarios. Now, even that has gone digital. Once you’ve run out of lives on Candy Crush and finished reading Cosmo sex tips while tilting your magazine away from the old guy next to you, you can make those tips a reality with one of your new airplane buddies.

The app is still in it’s beta stage, but the 24-year-old developer says it’s almost ready to take to the skies. Creator Gabe Whaley says that it will work just like Tinder. Users will scroll through pictures of potential hookups on their flight and swipe right or left to indicate hot or not.

While meeting in the air seems vaguely romantic (at least more romantic than actual Tinder), I can’t help but think of the sheer amount of weirdos on a given flight. As someone who frequents Southwest, a magical plane where everyone chooses their own seat, I know there’s no escape. None. So, while it seems like a good idea at the time, it doesn’t once he starts reciting his poetry to you (this is real, folks).

I can’t help but imagine the awkward morning-after experience, except on an airplane. What if it’s taking a while for the flight to land and you have to circle? Suddenly, you’re forced to make the same small talk as a regular Tinder date, only you can’t fake an emergency phone call from a friend. With the arrival of this app, you can finally unleash someone’s snake on a plane, without the help of Samuel L. Jackson. All you need is your faithful Wingman.

[via Time Newsfeed]

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Margaret Abrams

Nothing Margaret writes should be taken seriously by anyone, including her parents, employers, or gentleman callers. She's currently coping with a quarterlife crisis.

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