Viral Video Asking Students About 9/11, ISIS And #TheFappening Is Pure Garbage

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It seems that major media has hit yet another all time low. An organization named “Young Americans for Freedom” took it upon themselves to “poll” a “random” group of students at George Washington University, a school in heart of our nation’s capital that is arguably one of the most politically involved institutions in the United States. Their video, titled “Students Unaware of 9/11 Anniversary, but Able to Name Celebrities Involved in Nude Photo Scandal'” shows clips of a few students being stumped by questions about ISIS and 9/11, while dozens of students correctly listed off celebrities whose nudie judies went viral. At first, the video proves the stupidity of these self absorbed students who probably have a doorknob in their head instead of a brain. But it you take a step back and look at the video as a whole, you’ll realize the video only does one thing:

YAF’s video proves nothing except that YAF is a group of terrible, hack quasi-journalists.

The unfair and completely biased video has gone viral and is being broadcasted on major news networks, such as Fox News and CNN. GW students are outraged that news outlets would stoop to such levels by making their university and entire generation look like uninformed idiots. Newsflash, media: young adults are not uninformed.

I am informed enough to call you out on your bullshit, click bait material and exploiting 9/11 in a very messed up way to make money. For every bad answer, there were a thousand good answers on that campus that I believe you chose to cut out in order to get a video that would be destined to go viral. Why would it go viral? Because YAF knew Americans would be upset if 9/11 was ever to be forgotten, not to mention just a mere 13 years later. YAF chose to unethically capitalize on that vulnerability by warping the truth, and so did every major news network who broadcasted it, chastising our universities.

As someone in her early twenties, I would be livid if a peer of mine had no idea the significance of today. I’m not angry because as I look around the college campus I am currently writing this on, I see American flag t-shirts. I see a candle with a large banner behind it that says “Never Forget” with thousands of signatures behind it. I see students out on the quad selling ribbons to raise money for families who lost loved ones in those brutal attacks. I see Facebook profiles changed, I see moments of silence being taken in classes, and I see people sharing their personal stories of that tragic morning. I see people remembering.

So YAF, screw you for trying to trick people into thinking college kids don’t care about 9/11. I believe more than 6 of the 30 “random” people you polled were aware of the significance of the upcoming date and that your statistic is a blatant lie. If you tell me I’m wrong, I will personally conduct a completely fair and unbiased poll of 30 students and show you that your attempt at “gotcha” journalism is laughable.

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Topanga is a contributing writer for Post Grad Problems. Lover of red wine, mediocre gossip, and Corey's whipped ass.

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