VIDEO: Woman In Labor Has To Wait To Cross Street To Hospital As Obama Motorcade Passes


Admittedly, there isn’t a lot exciting happening in this video. There’s no movie pregnancy screaming. There’s no woman’s voice shrieking “It’s COMINGGGGGG!” as she puts a death grip on her significant other’s forearm and shoots him or her a look of death, followed by that significant other (or friendly neighbor who she doesn’t know she loves…yet?) nervously reiterating that fact to no one in particular, except possibly to themselves, by shouting right back, “Oh my God. Ohhh my God. It’s coming! It’s coming! IT’S COMING!” which then would possibly be followed by the raunchy, man-child friend deadpanning “Don’t be so excited, coming is what got you into this mess.” I could write a movie, you guys.

All there really is in this video is a woman who sort of looks pregnant sitting on a bus bench across the street from Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, holding her belly as a motorcade passes by. You would almost think this video isn’t legit, except for the fact that it comes from a very legitimate source, that being the Instagram account of NBCLA news anchor Robert Kovacik. Presumably he filmed the motorcade, strolled across the street after it passed and, like a good journalist, asked the woman, “You tryna have a baby?” That was, according to Kovacik, basically the case. Here’s the video:

Obviously, it doesn’t appear the motorcade inconvenienced the woman (possibly couple, there appears to be a gentleman with her) all that much. Still, having to wait across the street from a hospital on a hobo’s bed while you know your child is clawing its way out of you can’t be fun. Nor, if you’re trying to catch a bus a little while later, would a few ounces of afterbirth be a welcome bench mate. So, as fitting as this ever will be, thanks Obama.


Looks like Old Bobby Kov is still hot on this story, and maybe the woman is in a bit more urgent of a situation than we thought? Kovacik seems concerned for the woman, and this police officer he just interviewed seems confused. Real HUMAN DRAMA unfolding in LA right now.

[via Instagram]

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