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  • THEmrs.halpert 7 years ago on Ages To Get Married, Ranked

    My fiance and I will be 27 and 24 when we get married. Making him the perfect age and me “too young”. though I did expect him to put off the proposal a year or too longer. he definitely had the element of surprise on his side. The good thing is that we should have a solid 4-6 years before kids are in the picture.

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  • THEmrs.halpert 7 years ago on The 5 Couples Everyone Hates

    Grocery shopping? Really? Sometimes just one of us goes if easiest. But honestly, I prefer grocery shopping together simply because there is an extra brain to remember whether or not you’re low on milk, etc. And also, like everyone else said, I think we both secretly want to make sure the other doesn’t forget our stuff, i.e. my Greek yogurt or his Tabasco cheese its.

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  • THEmrs.halpert 7 years ago on A Case For Living In The 'Burbs In Your Twenties

    My fiance was all about the burb life, but I took some convincing. Likely due to the age difference. At 26 he was ready to get out of the party lifestyle, we at 23 I was ready to party it up. However, moving from our 1 bed apartment to our 3 bed house has convinced me the burb life is the only way. I would so much rather have a drunken dinner party than deal with crowded bars and parking. #burblife

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  • THEmrs.halpert 7 years ago on 5 Questions I Have For People That Don't Shower In The Morning

    It’s totally a hair thing for girls. My hair is really dry, and I don’t want a head of straw so I don’t wash it every day. I don’t even need dry shampoo on day 2. I actually get more compliments on my hair the dirtier it is. It’s takes way too much time to shower, blow-dry and style hair in the morning. it also make me hot and sometimes sweaty which defrats the purpose of having just showered. so I prefer to shower at night and let my hair airdry. i did shower and wash my hair this morning butnit ended up in a hasty ponytail and i loom shittier than i would if i had showered the night before. I also find it relaxing to take my time showering at night and not be rushing to work. I DO have a shower cap and shower without washing my hair sometimes, but it still ends up wet in places. I don’t know what you’re doing or where you work that you feel gross after just sitting for 8 hrs. Are you hitting the gym at lunch? Is your office 90 degrees? Also, I still brush my teeth every morning, even though I destroy my breath with coffee all over again. what do you think, I’m some kind of animal?

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  • THEmrs.halpert 7 years ago on If You Shop At Whole Foods, Everyone Hates You

    There is one directly across the street from my office and I buy one thing there, a hot sauce from my home town in CA that I literally have not seen sold anywhere else. Mived from CA to OK. Dont ask me why. Other than that, I miss Trader Joe’s.

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  • THEmrs.halpert 7 years ago on If You're Thinking About Moving, Please Read This First

    So accurate. We had decided to renew our lease and not deal with the pain of moving. Then one of us got relocated out of state for work. So now we’re packing up and moving in 2 weeks. Only 1/2 of relocation is being covered. Not looking forward to packing. Time to start throwing shit out.

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  • THEmrs.halpert 7 years ago on My pledge brother is getting married on homecoming weekend. PGP.

    My friend and BF’S fraternity brother is propsosing/having a surprise engagement party this weekend during the home opener. So I will be missing that game. And apparently, since his GF is nuts, they’ve already booked a venue for fall 2016. THIS BITCH IS MAKING ME MISS SO MUCH FOOTBALL. p.s. we all went to the same big football school

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  • THEmrs.halpert 7 years ago on How To Stay In And Drink On The Weekend Without Feeling Like A Loser

    A female version of this exists and it’s glorious. Treat yourself to a bottle of wine that costs more than $10. Make yourself a delicious and indulgent dinner that you wouldnt normally take the time to make (think pasta). Sing and dance alone in your kitchen while this happens, because you should have music playing and slight buzz from that first glass of wine. Take your food and booze to the couch and watch the trashy TV or tear jerker chick flick you can’t watch while your husband and/or bf is at home. Go back for seconds and polish off that bottle. You may or may not cry a little thanks to the show, movie or flash mob proposal you watch on YouTube and that’s okay.

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