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  • RelentessResults 6 months ago on Writers' Roundtable: A Farewell To

    I have been a reader of this site since I graduated 5 years ago. I think most people will agree that this is the only thing that has kept us sane during the day. I’d like to thank all the writers and readers for the content over the years. With that being said, is it possible jus to start another app so the writers can keep the PGP community alive and in one place?

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  • RelentessResults 8 months ago on To The Fans

    I, too, have been a PGP reader for years without ever commenting but I wanted to say thank you to all writers and commenters who have kept me entertained throughout the workday. I started reading TFM in 2011 and easily transitioned to PGP when I graduated in 2013. While this is a tough time for everyone who is invested in this site, I hope that Grandex will be able to keep this community going. Best of luck to all!

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