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He’s back, and yes, he actually brought a NERF gun to a wedding so he could shoot her.

Guy Shoots His Wife With Different NERF Guns For A Week, Wife Justifiably Loses It Every Single Time

But seriously, if you’re trampling people to get an above-ground pool for $30 off, you’re the worst.

Bill Burr Went On One Hell Of A ‘Black Friday’ Rant On Conan

OK Go’s “The One Moment” video lasts 4.2 seconds at regular speed, and yeah, I’ll probably be watching it a few more times.

OK Go Shot Their New Music Video In 4.2 Seconds And, Holy Shit, What Did I Just Watch?

Aaaaaaaand I’m ready to binge-watch this ASAP.

Here’s The Red Band Trailer For ‘Always Sunny’ That’ll Inevitably Get You Psyched For Season 12

Kristen Wiig Crushed Hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ Last Night

This Netflix Ad For ‘Black Mirror’ Is A Frightening Look Into How We’ll All Start Watching Netflix

The ‘Double Dare’ Reunion Special Is Officially Airing On The Drunkest Night Of The Year

Remember That Ray From ‘The Bobby Bones Show’ Could Make $50K Off A Trump Win

How many people you think he’s told this to?

AOL’s ‘You’ve Got Mail’ Guy Is Crushing The Uber Game In Ohio

“Listen, listen, listen, listen. Fuck off, fuck off, fuck off, fuck off. Get out! Get out!”

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Watch Every Time Gordon Ramsay Lost It On Someone On “Hell’s Kitchen”