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  • geoffb08 4 years ago on I Hate Your Engagement Photos

    This is such a bitter, jealous, pathetic column lol.

    Yeah I too get a little bit annoyed sometimes when people won’t stop posting pictures of their babies and stuff, so I just unfollow them. Or god forbid, unfriend them. If you really hate seeing stuff like that so much, there’s a way to filter it. Try it out instead of spreading your sad gospel of envy.

    You say that every time you see an engagement photo you get the couple involved a crappier gift. Frankly, with your attitude, I’m stunned that you have friends who would be willing to invite you to their weddings in the first place.

    Get off your high horse. Your parents didn’t do engagement photos, so nobody should? They also didn’t have Facebook, so I hope you’re not on that. I bet they didn’t have HBO, so you’d better not be a “Game of Thrones” fan. Oh, and I’m certain that they didn’t passive-aggressively blog about their sour grapes of jealousy just because they had an attitude that seems to make them deservedly the “most single” of all of their friends and felt the need to project it on everyone else rather than look inward at their own problems.

    Never ceases to amuse me how people get so bitter and negative about things that don’t affect them personally at all. If you don’t like what you’re seeing on Facebook, then stop looking. Or better yet, get over yourself, be happy for your friends, give a wry smile at how they’re overly-expressing their engagement, and stop being a full-time student at Jelly School, m’kay?

    Once again to this author I say: lol.

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