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Drake Buries Meek Mill At OVO Fest, A White Dad From The Burbs Explains

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A White Dad From The Burbs Explains The Drake/Meek Mill Twitter Beef

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Worst Ad Placement Of All Time Appears After Article About Film Critic’s Tragic Death

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The Diary Of A Little League Dad With A Serious Gambling Problem

WHAT is going here, and WHY is this guy allowed to throw knives at a real life human being? He’s terrible at it. This is a painful watch, because you really think there’s a good chance he catches ponytail’s jugular and spills his blood out all over the floor. He does clip his finger (1:17), he does nearly clip another (1:30), and he does nearly ends his life with a knife through the brain (3:18).

Knife Thrower Nearly Kills Assistant, Makes Him Bleed His Own Blood

Cousin Eddie being unemployed for seven years because he’s holding out for a management position. PGP.

Post Grad Problems

Secretly hoping the plastic bottle vodka gag gift makes it around to you in the company gift exchange. PGP.

Post Grad Problems
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Is Collusion In Fantasy Football Okay If It Ensures You A Playoff Spot?

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Shut It Down, This Weatherman Just Won Halloween

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Two Stuffed Animals Are Fucking Behind Kim Jong-un In This Photo, And Now Someone Must Die