Tuesdays Are The New Mondays

Tuesdays Are The New Mondays

Hey are you free tomorrow night?

Hey I got your text from Saturday, sorry I didn’t respond. My friend is coming to town tomorrow and I told her we’d go to Wednesday at the Square

All good, I was going to see if you wanted to get Pho with me

Omg that sounds fun, maybe we can rain check?

Tuesdays are the most worthless days of the week. It’s not Monday, an excuse to complain for the pessimists and a new start for the optimists. It’s not Wednesday when you’re at least half way through the week. Not Thursday, a socially acceptable time to go out like you’re still in college. Definitely not the holy trinity, the weekend. It’s just Tuesday. Totally nondescript and passive. It’s the day the reminds you of how indifferent the universe is.

Enter a case of the Tuesdays. That red-headed woman from Office Space can fuck right off with her case of the Mondays. Catching a case of the Tuesdays will bring you down faster than any case of the Mondays will. You’re indifferent, you’re lethargic, you’re trying to survive in America as a young professional on a Tuesday night. Lordy come out of the groundy, do not plague me with the Tuesdays.

This past Tuesday, I made a half-ass attempt to arouse some interest in a girl I’ve been seeing. From day one, I’ve been skeptical about this girl’s interest in me and I don’t even know why. We made out the first date and all subsequent dates since then. Any sane person would say, “Hey bud, she’s probably in to you.”

The end of that conversation above should have read:

I’m down, let’s do it Friday

But as the Tuesdays have it, I left that rain check open. Frankly, I just didn’t want to finish that conversation I started and commit to a date with a girl who’s questionably in to me.

That my friends, is the Tuesdays. Maybe it’s just me who has experienced this phenomena, but those hellish beginning-of-the-week days are full of indifferent attitudes. To be honest, yes I want to see that girl again and yes I wouldn’t mind taking her to Pho. But on that Tuesday night, nothing else seemed to matter but the show I was watching and the dinner I had just cooked.

Luckily, Wednesday rolls around and I come to my senses. We got Pho last night.

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