This Proves That You’re Probably Much More Of A ‘Foodie’ Than You Thought You Were

This Proves That You're Probably Much More Of A 'Foodie' Than You Thought You Were

You know someone that refers to themselves as a ‘foodie’ and you probably hate this person. They’re going to scoff at supermarket sushi and they’ll tell you that the restaurants you want to try have “gone downhill.” On the surface, anyone that defines their life with food seems like they’re kind of the worst, because who doesn’t like the TGI Friday’s ‘tato skins that you toss in the oven after a night of heavy drinking? No one I want in my circle of trust, that’s for sure.

But a survey done by Ypulse has some revealing statistics about which food trends millennials have tried, and the results are actually much lower than I would’ve anticipated considering all the personal research I’ve done. All this time, I assumed acai bowls and cage-free eggs were common practice amongst people my age. And to be completely honest, I still think that despite what this survey says. But alas, here are the statistics behind which food trends millennials have actually tried.

Sweet & Spicy Foods: 40%
Quinoa: 36%
Meals Served In Bowls: 35%
Craft Beer: 26%
Artisan Ice Cream: 24%
Cold Brew Coffee: 20%
None Of These: 18%
Farm To Table Dining: 18%
Artisan Products: 15%
Fusion Cuisine: 12%
Beer Bar: 12%
Pop Up Restaurant: 11%
Spiralized Vegetables: 10%
Beer Pairings: 10%
Chef’s Tasting Menu: 9%
Vegan ‘Fast Food’: 9%
Celebrity Chef Chain Restaurant: 9%
Poké: 5%
High-End Food Delivery: 5%
Meal Kit Subscription: 5%
Specialty Bitters: 3%

Quinoa? Yeah, a killer quinoa tabouli pretty much gives you a six-pack. Meals served in bowls? We can knock that one off the list by killing two birds with one stone while hopping aboard the poké train. Craft beer? Of course, I’m the psycho who enjoys a frosty IPA once in a while. Meanwhile, I don’t even know how someone can muster the energy on a Sunday morning without some cold brew coffee or high-end food delivery. And don’t even get me started on how good spiralized zoodles are with my Blue Apron package.

Sure, I know this all adds up to me being a millennial piece of shit, but at the same time, I think we’re all in the same boat and most people are too afraid to admit that they actually like the idea of attending a farm-to-table dinner or a Wolfgang Puck’s pitstop during a long layover.

Either way, these trends were heavily male- and female-oriented with more males gravitating towards craft beer (30%), beer bars (16%), beer pairings (13%), specialty bitters (4%), and high-end food delivery (6%). Women, on the other hand, were more commonly indulging in quinoa (43%), meals served in bowls (40%), spiralized veggies (14%), sweet and spicy foods (43%), and fusion cuisine (14%).

But no matter how you slice that over-priced bread from the Whole Foods bakery section, I think we can all agree that we probably spend way too fucking much on a bunch of high-end food that we don’t need.

[via Washington Post]

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