This High-End Dating App Shared Exactly What Will Give You The Most Matches

This High-End Dating App Shared What Will Give You The Most Matches

If you’ve been single at any point since mid-2012, you’ve probably had at least one experience with app dating – or should I say “dating.” A right swipe can mean any number of things – physical attraction, hope for a long-term relationship, or, more often than not, it represents the first step to a sloppy, drunk hookup, after which you unmatch on Tinder and never have to see or speak to each other ever again.

What you want from a dating app rendezvous can be determined by your app of choice – for example, Tinder is best for drunken hookups and sending ridiculous screenshots to your friends, Bumble is best for women who don’t want to waste their time with an inbox full of dick pics, and Hinge is good if you want to destroy what’s left of your postgrad friend group. The League, however, actually sounds like an appealing choice for us (semi) successful postgrads, and thanks to some new data, we may actually know just how to beat the app dating game once and for all.

If you haven’t heard, The League is the new Tinder, but without everyone you went to high school with. With features such as income and employment verification, The League is nearly exclusively for people who have their shit together. Thanks to a new survey of users, we finally know what people like ourselves are looking for in app dating. So get ready to fix up your profile, because you may never be left-swiped again.

To get a match, The League’s most attractive members were found to all have excellent hair, perfectly tailored suits, and some form of picture outdoors, theoretically proving that you are capable of having a life outside the office. For women, 25-year-old educators and workers in communications got the most matches, whereas 29-year-old male doctors and real estate developers hardly ever received a left swipe. Honestly, this sounds exactly like who I’m attracted to, so I believe these results 100 percent.

To improve your odds of getting a match, men should have a photo in a well-fitting suit, as well as a photo showing some sort of outdoorsy physical activity, whereas women should have photos with long, shiny hair while wearing white dresses. Hopefully, this means that every man you match with subconsciously wants to marry you, so your odds really couldn’t be better.

While looks obviously matter, on The League, success reigns supreme. Both male and female users with high-powered careers, such as CEOs or other executives, received many more matches than the average user, and were much more likely to reach out over chat, often exchanging phone numbers. Basically, if you’re looking for an attractive individual with a college degree who can actually afford his or her share of rent, sign up for The League immediately. Keep Tinder on your phone though, because let’s be honest – after a night of dollar shots and an apartment that hasn’t been cleaned in 3 weeks, you may not always want to invite a CEO over for Netflix and chill. Happy swiping.

[via Forbes]

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Steph W. is a new Master's degree graduate with an intern's salary and six-figure taste. She realizes her expectations far exceed reality, so she spends her days pinning away Loubs she pretends are in her physical closet instead of her virtual one. Her hobbies include attempting to trapping her boyfriend into marriage before he finds out how insane she is and pretending that Black Box wine tastes as good as the kind she could afford when she was gainfully employed. Send her tips for getting out of student debt at

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