This Dude’s Story Of His Girlfriend Refusing Any Gifts Worth Less Than $3,000 Is Just Flat-Out Sad

This Dude's Story Of His Girlfriend Refusing Any Gifts Worth Less Than $3,000 Is Just Flat-Out Sad

There are a lot of relationship horror stories that will make you thankful for either 1) being single or 2) having a significant other that doesn’t make you dream of driving off into the sunset playing “Against The Wind.” First, I brought you the story of the guy whose girlfriend refused his engagement ring because it wasn’t extravagant enough. And now? We have the story of one man whose luxurious gifts aren’t good enough for his high-maintenance girlfriend.

The guy’s entire story is, well, just sad and be found in full on Reddit. I’ve also provided it below with the important parts bolded to ensure you don’t miss just how miserable this guy’s life has become.

Background: Previous presents have always been ~$400 with a date dinner of around ~$200.

This year, she decided she wanted a bigger gift, so she proposed combining her birthday and anniversary present. Not a bad solution, I thought. Instead, she changes her mind after and wants something small for her birthday as well, which I do not get, making her upset. This is, I admit, is partially my fault.

Fast forward to now, we are going to London with some friends for a week soon. She’s been wanting to a buy purse for $1.5k, and so I take the opportunity and tell her I’ll buy her that bag or any other bag around that price in France! I’m thinking this is good because she’s very picky about presents, having complained about what I got in the past. I also thought this was fair since she already told me planned on spending around $1k on my present. Wrong.

She brings up a present I gave my ex-girlfriend five years ago. I gave my ex in college a purse around $3k, which my current gf found out. I tell her about my plan for France, and she responds, “How come [your ex’s] bag was 3k and mine has a restriction? She didn’t have that!” Now she’s brought this up before, “Why did you get your ex that bag?” And I’ve always brushed it off. But she’s bringing it up directly because of her own present??

I was blown away. I told her I was stupid, impuslive, and irresponsible kid when I made the past purchase. I immediately stated I was appaled, but continued trying to defend myself – I owed my ex-gf for helping though a rough time, but I still regret the decision to buy it, as it wasn’t financially responsible decision.

Halfway through the conversation I told her the fact that I’m defending my actions with an ex-girlfriend, 5 years ago, should never ever be a conversation between us, does it matter? It’s ended with me telling her I don’t want to be with someone like her.

Am I being too stingy? Should I be more understanding? She’s always been very $$$ oriented but this time it’s a bit too much for me.

Sorry for lack of proof-reading, the conversation has started again and I’m still in a state of shock/anger/confusion….

Okay. Deep breaths. Digest this. There have been comparisons to this couple sounding much like the couple we all dread (*cough* Todd *cough*) and, honestly, I couldn’t have even written this level of absurdity. But the part that makes me the sickest when this is all said and done? When he asks “Am I being too stingy?”

Too stingy? You’re going to London with your girlfriend and offering to drop the down payment on a Ford Fiesta on her for a handbag that she’ll inevitably leave in an Uber. Yes, I agree we should all have nice things, but have some self-respect, man. There’s a fine line between considering yourself “stingy” and considering yourself “smart.”

He goes on to explain in further updates to the original story that this they are in a “high tax bracket for their age” but even that doesn’t justify her using one of his ex-girlfriends as the starting point for their current relationship.

The moral of the story? Don’t you ever talk about your ex-girlfriends. Once you do, you’ll encounter a whole new set of expectations.

[via Reddit]

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