This Dude’s Mom Sent Him A $39,000 Invoice For Being A Disrespectful Jerk

This Dude's Mom Sent Him A $39,000 Invoice For Being A Disrespectful Jerk

My mom’s a saint. Sure, I dread the beginning of every month when she requests money from me for my phone bill because I’m still living the family plan lifestyle, but I can’t blame her. She shouldn’t have to pay my elevated phone bill that takes into account all the iPhones I go through. Up to this point, she’s done enough for me in life. To put things in perspective of how close we are, I look forward to receiving her annual summer email that normally reads something like this — “Just listened to ‘All Summer Long’ for the first time! Xoxo.” Yeah, we’re essentially best friends.

Sadly, not every son respects his mother as much as I respect mine. Case in point, this entitled little prick who pissed his mom off to the point where she invoiced him for all the shit she’s done for him over the years, to the tune of $39,254. Turns out this little twerp moved back in with his mom 13 months ago and has been a nightmare ever since, to the point where she even charged him $1,000 for “being an asshole and not appreciative of your mother’s support financially or otherwise.” When your mom is calling you an asshole, you know you’re a fucking asshole. That’s real.

The full invoice was posted on Reddit, but has since been deleted. Luckily, USA Today preserved this treasure because nothing disappears on the internet anymore.

It’s tough to read, but you can clearly see she charged him for gas, his tuition, his health insurance, internet, cable, “specialty meals,” wedding and Christmas gifts, cleaning, and (as previously mentioned) just for being an unappreciative asshole.

I’d put this on par with when you send a Venmo request to your friends for something you know they don’t need to pay, yet you still want to put out the vibe of, “Yeah, I paid for this, asshole,” in an attempt to guilt them for taking you for granted. Unfortunately, most of the time, your friends never pay up. But you’d have to be a top-tier prick to ignore this from your own mother.

Thank your mom for being the best today. It’ll mean more to her than you realize and she’ll stop thinking you’re the douchebag everyone else thinks you are.

[via USA Today]

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