This Australian Guy Bailed On His $600 Bill By Running Full Speed Into The Ocean


Hungry eyes get the best of us all from time-to-time. When you plop down and begin staring at a restaurant menu it can be difficult to narrow down your cravings to just one item. When you’re breaking bread it’s hard to put a price on a good time. Until, well, the check comes. You suddenly begin vigorously adding up each item as if there was some sort of mistaken in calculating your bill.

Then reality sinks in and you realize you’re in way over your head.

An old fashion tactic to avoid the nuisance of actually paying for food is to dine and dash. Typically one friend will exit first to go start the car and then the rest of the group will shortly follow. It’s a tale as old as time, though this is most commonly executed by teenagers at chain restaurants.

Fear not, adults, the fun doesn’t have to stop once your adolescence years are behind you.
Men’s Health reports of how an Australian rapper named “2pec” took the drastic measure of going for a dip in the ocean in an effort to avoid paying for a seafood feast:

An aspiring rapper in Australia is far from the life of ostentatious displays of wealth enjoyed by his more successful peers. Terry Peck, a 33-year-old man who raps under the name 2pec, was arrested after allegedly attempting to flee into the ocean to avoid paying a $621 bill at a Gold Coast seafood restaurant.

The meal in question included two lobsters, 17 oyster shooters, a baby octopus, and several beers. Staff of the restaurant chased 2pec as he ran onto the beach and into the waves. After attempts to cajole him back on land were unsuccessful, police hopped on a lifeguard’s Jet Ski and arrested him at sea.

Game respect game, 2pec. If you’re dining at a beach front restaurant and your credit cards have already been maxed out, you’ve got to play the hand you’re dealt when it comes to dining and dashing.

Let’s not forget this all went down in Australia. I don’t have the facts in front of me, but I believe it’s a 50-50 chance that anyone makes it back to shore once you’ve entered the ocean in Australia. It’s basically where all of those horror stories from Shark Week originate from.

No poor waiter making minimum wage is going to chase after a patron running into the ocean. They make a living off tips. If they already know you can’t afford to cover the check, they damn well know you aren’t leaving a 20 percent tip. Might as well hope the ocean gets your revenge for you.

I can see it now, the restaurant manager walking off the beach as authorities rush on the scene to secure the parameter as he mutters “he’s not coming back.”

Vaya con dios, 2pec.

Image via Shutterstock

[via Men’s Health]

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