This Ad For Laxatives Is Going To Make You Feel A Little Uncomfortable

The advertising game is one of the most risky and difficult to play, but the reward is worth it and nothing would exist without it. Seriously, without advertising there would be no radio, no TV, and nobody would pay for new sports stadiums. Shit, there’s probably an advertisement right above this column. If it’s a risqué ad, you might want to clear your cookies before browsing, you pervs.

A great ad will go down in history forever and define generations, while others can leave you scratching your head. But I’ve never seen one quite as scary as this gem from the fine makers of Dulcolax Stool Softener.



Jesus Tapdancing Christ, what the fuck is that?

Are those turd-men? Yup. Are they sitting and crying, trapped in some kind of prison/jail cell/concentration camp? Maybe. Wait a minute…is that prison/jail cell/concentration camp YOUR COLON?! Yup.

Is that thing in the middle the Sarlacc Pit from Star Wars that ate Boba Fett?

Nope. That’s your butthole. The brown starfish. Ol’ balloon knot. The on-ramp to the Hershey Highway. The ad is saying that “only you can set them free.”

The agency that came up with the ad, McCann Health in Shanghai, says the ad ran in Singapore newspapers and bus shelters. “Instead of approaching the dramatization from the patient’s [point of view], we approached it from the excrement’s,” according to the agency. Talk about “The Poopchute Redemption”.

According to McCann, brand awareness is up “from almost zero to 21 percent” among the target and the purchase intention rate increased 57 percent. The agency adds that it expects similar success from the next round of “media bursts” this year.

Please don’t say bursts. Poor word choice.

Is this what Tim Burton does with his doody after he makes it? This reporter hopes not, but it’s hard not to draw a comparison.

[via Adweek

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