These Statistics About How We Use Our Cell Phones To Avoid Human Interaction Confirm That Society Is Plummeting

These Statistics About How We Use Our Cell Phones To Avoid Human Interaction Confirm That Society Is Plummeting

I have a recurring nightmare. It’s not my teeth falling out and it’s not me being chased by a bear in deep snow that I can’t run through. It’s worse. Much worse. It’s a nightmare about the life-changing horror of dropping my phone and shattering the screen; or worse, losing it in a large body of water never to see it again.

At this point, our attachment to our phones is more than just an addiction. They’re simply an extension of ourselves and the main reason I’ll probably die should I find myself in a live shooter scenario where I’m completely oblivious to the mayhem of my surroundings. Because that’s what I do – I use my phone to ignore everything around me while looking at pointless apps like Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and iBooks. My world is curated through my iPhone, and I won’t remember your name or face because of it.

And I’m not alone. A survey done by Bank of America really makes us all look like pieces of shit, as evidenced by the damning results that we are, in fact, the worst.

40 percent of millennials use their phones to avoid a conversation during a holiday get-together.

25 percent of all the 1,004 American adults surveyed here between March 29 and April 12 admitted to using phones as people-avoiders.

This survey throws up more luscious examples of our device-love. Sixty-six percent of Americans rely entirely on their mobile devices for directions. Yes, even if it drives them into a 100-foot lake. Fifty-three percent say they trust their devices for directions more than they trust their loved ones.

You’re a piece of shit, I’m a piece of shit, we’re all pieces of shit. If you’re going to sit there and tell me that you’ve never avoided conversation with someone by burying your face into your phone, I’m going to stick my finger in your face and call you a liar. Ignoring people by being on your cell phone is similar to pretending to look busy at work by simply wincing at your screen. It’s an easy out, but you’re still a dickhead.

[via CNET]

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