These Small Daily Tips From Strangers On The Internet Will Tremendously Improve Your Life

These Small Daily Tips From Strangers On The Internet Will Tremendously Improve Your Life

Look, I could sit here and spout off my own life advice for you – don’t rent if you can buy, try not to eat an entire lasagna at in one sitting, never look a city rat dead in the eye – but I can guarantee that it won’t be very useful.

The truth is I have no fucking idea what I am talking about half the time. Usually when I open my mouth to answer a question at work, I’ll have no idea where the fuck it is going to end. Most people look at me with curious amusement. Basically: I am not who you should initially look to for solid life advice.

But what I can do for you is aggregate solid advice from other people all in one place so you don’t have to search it out elsewhere. Here are just a few examples of how intelligent individuals improve their daily lives.

From Reddit:

Clean as you go. It’s such a tiny, simple thing but is such a huge departure from how most people live their lives it’s tough to get into. People always comment now that I’m super clean and tidy, just because I wipe up a few drips of coffee that spill from my cup as soon as it happens.

But it is SO much nicer and comfortable living in a clean place, where you basically just put things away when you’re done with them, instead of letting grime and clutter build up for a week or two and cleaning it all at once

Looking around my apartment, I don’t think I can count the number of pizza boxes I see on just my fingers.

Letting people finish their sentences before I start mine. Conversations flow like gravy.

It is so fucking irritating when people do this.

Delayed gratification.

I don’t rush to buy the new hot thing, and after I sleep on it I usually realize I have a decent slightly-used thing already. Or, I realize it makes sense to get the new thing. But taking the emotional rush of impulse buying off the table has been tremendously good for my financial well-being.

I think delayed gratification also helps in not feeling entitled. Waiting isn’t inherently bad. It isn’t an injustice. It’s just waiting; we all do it. Wait your turn.

Patience is a virtue.

Learning how to negotiate. When you think about it, most of your life is about negotiating a better deal, be it a better salary, a better position or just a better life.

It’s the one skill they don’t teach in any school but is essential to your life. Read some books on it and it will change your life.

If I was a better negotiator, maybe I’d be making more than $12 an hour.

Saying no to people. Don’t feel bad about saying no, it’s better than saying yes when you’re not comfortable with doing something, and you don’t make excuses on why you can’t do something.

It’s awkward at first, but then it gets better.

Cooking. Nothing fancy, but I can make a healthy meal from scratch without fuss.

Kraft macaroni and cheese doesn’t count. Neither do hot dogs.

Small talk.

Not having this skill is brutally painful to see in person.

Public Speaking skills. Being able to articulate a thought without saying um, a, like, uhh, etc. People take you more seriously, you sound much more intelligent, and people can more easily understand your thought process.

Sort of related to small talk. Finding the path to social competence is crucial.

Think twice before speaking.

Or sending emails.

How to make pivot tables in excel. And Google Forms. How did I live before Google Forms? They’re a game changer.

I can’t speak to this one, but it sounds useful as hell.

Developing emotional intelligence. Not sure if this a “skill,” but I assume it’s something that can be learned. There’s something to be said about recognizing other people’s emotions. It can really improve your friendships/relationships/interactions with others if you become good at recognizing how others feel.

Again, not a strong suit of mine. Probably need to work on it.

Waking up early.

Learning and loving how to be single.

Some people torture themselves over lost or lack of love, some obsess over finding it or losing it, and mostly fail to remember happiness comes from inside first, then to others. That shit will eat you alive.

Porn helps.

Turning my brain off.

When I lie down to go to sleep at night, my mind doesn’t race. I fall asleep within a couple minutes every night. Getting a good night’s sleep does wonders in pretty much every aspect of life.

I turned it off in college when I voluntarily majored in Government.


It makes masturbation more interesting.

Languages! Being bilingual is a huge advantage, especially in my Spanish-speaking country. I’m working on Swedish now!

Settle down, Einstein. We aren’t all brilliant.

To read more fantastic tips and responses from this Reddit thread, click HERE.

[via Reddit]

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