These Early Morning Dance Parties Are The Most LA Thing Ever

People Are Blowing Off Steam At Drug Free Early Morning Dance Parties
One of the greatest things about school, both of the undergraduate and graduate varieties, is a student’s ability to create his or her own schedule. In corporate America, especially in fields such as finance and law, your life ceases to become your own due to the sheer amount of hours you spend in the office at your boss’s behest. But while in an institution of higher education your schedule is more flexible and attendance, unlike a real job, is more or less optional. The result: your hours shift and you sleep in later and later every week. Try as I might to normalize my hours (early to bed early to rise) I have failed miserably on every attempt. Naturally, I find myself incredibly disheartened when I read stories such as this.

At 6:30 am one recent morning, around 250 people – dance enthusiasts – gathered in downtown LA to dance the morning away. Andre Herd, the producer of the event, said the morning dance combines the fun of nighttime partying without the morning-after downsides. The dances are held monthly, with tickets costing $25 and invitations sent out by email about a week in advance. Unlike a regular rave, there is supposedly no alcohol or drugs (I’m going to call bullshit on the drugs). Attendees seem to use this event as an opportunity to “party” and blow off some steam without the potential adverse effects of nighttime partying on their jobs.

I’m not knocking the fact that people want to get up early to do physical activity – one of the items on my “become an adult” checklist is learning how to hit the gym in the morning instead of the evening. What baffles me though, is the fact that people would actually pay to socialize so early in the morning. On the few occasions that I have ventured to the gym early in the morning, I have had no inclination for any type of socializing whatsoever – I’m there to get my heart rate up and leave.

Sure, I would be willing to bet that there are a few Chris Traegers out there who are down to clown at any and all hours of the day, but most normal humans are not incredibly approachable, let alone jovial enough for a party, until they’ve had their first cup of coffee. This is what leads me to call bullshit on the claim that there are no drugs at these dance parties. No one gets this happy and ready to rumble without any form of chemical fortification, and I bet these dance parties are no exception. But regardless of any chemical use in these dance parties, it’s another crazy thing people in California are doing that makes me raise my eyebrows and be thankful I don’t live on the West Coast.

[via YAHOO]

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