These Are The Worst Reader-Submitted Last Place Fantasy Football Punishments We Received

These Are The Worst Reader-Submitted Last Place Fantasy Football Punishments We Received

Yesterday, we brought you a man standing on the side of a highway wearing a dress. He clearly lost his fantasy football league by a wide margin and was forced to do so, which prompted me to imagine what other punishments are out there for last-place finishers.

The results? While some weren’t all that shocking, some just sound downright miserable.

Here are some of the worst from my league and some others I have heard of before

1) Have to take the ACT and score above a 20 to stay in the league
2) Man-date with second to last, last wears a dress and second to last buys dinner
3) tied-eyed front car license plate with losers initials on it for a year

I’m kind of bummed that taking the ACT/SAT has become par for the course, but I’m also very distracted by the fact that this guy can’t spell “tie-dyed.”

If I’m being honest, though, I’d rather wear the dress to dinner and get a free dinner than be the second-to-last place guy who has to pay. Not sure what that says about me.

-take the ACT test again

-try out for the local Frontier League baseball team (Gateway Grizzlies)

-participate in photoshoot to create a (not) sexy calendar (Ex: a big redneck in daisy dukes looking back at the camera whilst bent over a tractor)

Keep up the above average work!

I guess I don’t see why you’d do any photoshoot that wasn’t George Costanza on a chaise lounge.

Our fantasy league is full of current Georgetown students. Our last place finishers has to spend 24 hours on campus in a French maid costume doing errands for the other league members.

24 hours? So this guy is, like, sleeping in a tent on the Georgetown campus?

Runner up: Wear a choker to the bars for a night
1st Place: Re-take the SATs at your old high school

Having to wear a choker at the bars for a night might be my favorite punishment that I received. It’s enough that you don’t want to do it, but not enough that you’d completely try to get out of it. I mean, you can’t look any worse than every other girl does wearing one so might as well just work it.

The loser in our league as to do a routine at the comedy club. The material is written by the playoff teams and can not be altered.

If there isn’t a YouTube video of this entire routine, your friend group has failed as a fantasy league.

I’m in two leagues and both punishments are pretty brutal. In one league the loser must run a milk mile. He must chug a quart a whole milk, run a quarter mile, then chug another quart and so on until he has drank an entire gallon of milk and run a mile. Obviously the point is for the loser to throw up.

The other league, the loser must get a custom fathead of the winner and display it on the wall of his house in either his living room or bedroom until next year.

This actually sucks because as someone who has tried printing a custom Fathead of Kid Rock before, I know that custom Fatheads are expensive.

In our league the loser has to bake a cake and drive it to the winner. No fecal matter, pubic hair, or any other tempering is allowed to said cake. We have people located all over the country. Right now a guy from North Carolina is in the running to bake the cake and drive it to Boston, or worse, Presque Isle Maine. We’ll know next week who makes the trip.

That’s just miserable. I guess you can turn the entire excursion into a nice little bender, but the drive home would be one of the more depressing experiences one could think of.

The winner of our fantasy league gets to pick who the loser of our league asks to formal. If the girl says no, the winner gets to keep picking girls the loser has to ask until one says yes.

I mean, you have to start with a fairly bottom-tier girl, right? If you’re going top-shelf, you’re just doing this guy a favor.

I think my league has a pretty good punishment for the member who finishes last, otherwise known as ‘the pledge’. You see, each year we spend a weekend drafting our teams (and playing golf, drinking beer, failing at hitting on chicks, etc.) at a location chosen by the winner of the previous year. During draft weekend, the pledge must perform whatever is asked of him by any other league member.

Activities include:
Making beer runs
Retrieving and opening beers for league members
Cleaning up after weekend activities
Performing caddy like duties on the golf course
Setting up drinking games
Cooking lunch/dinner

As you can see, none of these activities get too out of hand. However, being bossed around by 9 of your closest friends for a weekend is reason enough to avoid finishing last in the league.

I’d probably absolutely lose my shit if I were replacing divots and fixing ball marks on greens for my friends because of a stupid game that I lost online.

I lost my fantasy football league, and I have to get a full body wax, including a Brazilian wax. I’m Italian and Puerto Rican

Nah. Nope. Not happening.

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