These Are The Reasons You Probably Hate Your Boss

These Are The Reasons You Probably Hate Your Boss

A friend once asked me, “Is your boss the type of guy to mop the floor when he sees that it’s dirty, or does he find the mop and tell you to do it while watching over your shoulder?” I thought about it for a second. Like, really thought about it for a second. And I tried coming up with an excuse because, well, it was my boss. The person that I had invested my future into in hopes of becoming a successful person.

But then my friend’s mop analogy made me realize that I, among others, felt alone on the front lines. Except, I wasn’t alone in that thinking — I couldn’t have been the only one at my company that felt like that, and I could only imagine the myriad of other people at their company that felt like that as well. But the fact of the matter is that not everyone has a boss they want to spend time with outside of the office. Most people dread when their boss’s number comes up on their phones, and most people identify with Zac Brown when he says, “And the telephone keeps ringing, and the bossman knows I know it’s him.”

In an effort to explain why you probably have a severe distaste for your superior, Business Insider compiled the 9 things managers do that cause good employees to leave their jobs, some of which you can probably identify with on some level or another.

1. They overwork people.
2. They don’t recognize contributions and reward good work.
3. They don’t care about their employees.
4. They don’t honor their commitments.
5. They hire and promote the wrong people.
6. They don’t let people pursue their passions.
7. They fail to develop people’s skills.
8. They fail to engage their creativity.
9. They fail to challenge people intellectually.

Sound familiar, right? I apologize if the next time you get an email that says, “Why didn’t you follow up with me on this?” that you’ll immediately default to “4. They don’t honor their commitments.” Or if you work long hours on something only to be told, “That’s not what I’m looking for, why don’t you do it like this?” you’ll immediately think, “8. They fail to engage their creativity.”

But hey, sometimes you need a little self-awareness followed by a kick in the ass to realize the situation you’re in sucks. Just remember that one monkey don’t stop the show (nor do they normally help mop the floors either), so don’t let them get too far under your skin.

Read the entire list with their in-depth explanations at Business Insider if you’re looking for a reason to stew at your desk, pack up your things, and leave at lunch only to never be seen again.

[via Business Insider]

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