These Are Apparently The Least Stressful Jobs In 2017

These Are Apparently The Least Stressful Jobs In 2017

If there’s one thing that can make your job unbearable to the point of turning in a letter of resignation, it’s feeling stressed out in your position. Even if you’re not getting paid a ton of money, having a minimally stressful day can vastly improve your mood and your outlook on your career, making getting through the day a manageable feat. However, when your days are plagued with deadlines, public meetings, and life or death situations, it’s worth reconsidering your career options.

Thanks to CareerCast, we now know the least stressful jobs of 2017, so you can start looking for new listings on Monster immediately. Career “stress” was defined by a total of 11 categories, including percentage of time spent traveling, exposure to hazardous environments, and competitiveness of the role, so these jobs are overall some of the most relaxing ones you can hold. Each position was assigned a “stress score” where the lower the score equals a job with minimal stress. If you’re considering a career change, check out CareerCast’s ten least stressful jobs of 2017 so you can finally start skipping those 6 a.m. yoga classes.

10. Medical Laboratory Technician; Stress Score: 10.31
9. Pharmacy Technician; Stress Score: 9.10
8. Operations Research Analyst; Stress Score: 9.02
7. Jeweler; Stress Score: 8.95
6. Medical Records Technician; Stress Score: 8.57
5. University Professor; Stress Score: 8.17
4. Audiologist; Stress Score: 7.31
3. Hair Stylist; Stress Score: 5.80
2. Compliance Officer; Stress Score: 5.73
1. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer; Stress Score: 4.00

Of course, having a relaxing job doesn’t necessarily pay the bills, so if you have student loans, some of these pay not be strong options for you; however, operations research analyst, university professor, and compliance officer are a couple of strong options where you can put that Bachelor’s degree to use. At the end of the day, even if you’re considering taking a pay cut, it may be worth it for your sanity. Besides, your student loans will be forgiven in the next 10-20 years depending on your career track, so as long as you’re keeping up with those minimum payments (or getting deferrals, you lucky dog, you), a career change may just be in order.

[via CareerCast]

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