There’s Now A Beer Specifically Brewed To Drink In The Shower

There's Now A Beer Specifically Brewed To Drink In The Shower

It’s 10:30 on a Sunday, and you’re trying to drag your hungover body out of bed to get ready – or ready enough – for brunch in an hour. You throw on some coffee and hop in the shower, hoping that the cold water will wake you up enough to be somewhat acceptable at a public establishment. There’s only one problem – you need to make sure your buzz from last night isn’t completely gone by brunch time, or else the headache that will ensue will not only ruin the morning, but the quality of your Instagram posts as well. Enter: the shower beer.

We’ve all relied on shower beer at one point or another to get us through the day, but now your bathroom drinking game is about to be upped in a serious way with the official Shower Beer that was brewed specifically for the occasion. Of course, you can always bring a bottle of Bud Light into the shower with you without any hassle, but Shower Beer contains the same amount of alcohol in half the size at around 10% ABV. This is important for any shower beer drinker because unless you like taking a freezing cold shower, you run the risk of losing the icy chill of your beer if you leave it in the shower too long. This way, you can gulp down your shower beer quickly and efficiently and get you ready for your Uber pickup as soon as possible.

On top of the size, Shower Beer was specifically made for shower consumption because of its soapy flavor. Yep, you heard that correctly – not only does Shower Beer have a soapy flavor, but it’s marketed that way as a good thing. According to the founder of PangPang, the company responsible for Shower Beer, this flavor comes out as a result of their special brewing process, which involves a longer fermenting period. While to me, this is reminiscent of getting my mouth washed out with soap as an intolerable young child, apparently the combination of this unique flavor with extra hops and citrus flavor actually works. I remain a little skeptical, but if you’re a shower drinker, this might just be worth a try, and besides, you can get a couple of suds in the bottle without ruining the flavor – what’s not to like?

[via Food & Wine]

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