There’s A Surprisingly Good Chance That The CEO Of Your Company Is A Complete Psychopath

There's A Surprisingly Good Chance That The CEO Of Your Company Is A Complete Psychopath

Society has determined that showing psychopathic tendencies is a bad thing. And probably for good reason. I want to surround myself with friends relaxed enough to the point where I think to myself, “I wonder if I could score a Xanax off her in a pinch.” But in certain situations, being labeled a “psychopath” actually seems beneficial to me. When I’m playing a team sport, I want to be wearing the same colors as a bunch of foamed mouth beasts. Should I ever find myself in a live shooter situation, I’m praying that the general public surrounding me has at least one or two madmen who will help sort things out. And when I think about the traits of my ideal CEO, one of the first thing that comes to mind after “loaded” is “recklessly psychopathic.”

Luckily, the chances of having a psychotic CEO are much better than one would think. About one in five, to be precise.

Per The Telegraph:

The study of 261 senior professionals in the United States found that 21 percent had clinically significant levels of psychopathic traits. The rate of psychopathy in the general population is about one in a hundred.

In the study, forensic psychologist Nathan Brooks noted that, for psychopaths, “[corporate success] is a game and they don’t mind if they violate morals. It is about getting where they want in the company and having dominance over others.” I, personally, applaud any CEO who displays these types of tendencies. If you’re the employee of a company and you want the person sitting at the end of the boardroom table to roll in with flip-flops and a surfer tan, you’re not someone I want to go to corporate battle with. Having a psychopathic CEO is preferable, if not a complete necessity, to get ahead.

The above study was done as a precautionary measure for the scientists to begin implementing a psychopath “screening tool” so other companies can “identify the problem” – whatever that means. Someone only views this as a “problem” if they want to view it as a “problem.” Further confirming the notion that having a batshit CEO is essential for getting ahead, they even listed some traits which are now a checklist for intangibles that I’ll run through at my next job interview where they ask if I have any questions.

– exploit, manipulate or violate the rights of others
– lack concern, regret or remorse about other people’s distress
– behave irresponsibly and show disregard for normal social behaviour
– have difficulty sustaining long-term relationships
– be unable to control their anger
– lack guilt, or not learn from their mistakes
– blame others for problems in their lives
– repeatedly break the law

You know what people do when someone flies off the handle in a corporate situation? They back down. I don’t want my CEO to live in regret; I want him to be a shark that lacks all concern for the emotions of the other fish in the sea.

[via The Telegraph]

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