There’s A Calculator That Tells You If Your Job Will Be Replaced By A Robot

There's A Calculator That Tells You If Your Job Will Be Replaced By A Robot

If you’re anything like me, your workday goes something like this: arrive five minutes late, spend your first hour browsing Twitter, reply to a few e-mails, watch a show on Netflix, take a long lunch, actually respond to e-mails for a solid hour and a half, tell your boss that your projects are “in progress,” and then zone out for the remainder of the day. You may have had thoughts cross your mind like, “why am I here” or “a computer could do this job.” Well, you’d better start making yourself useful for a change, because thanks to science, computers actually WILL be doing your jobs.

NPR released a calculator showing the chances that your job will be taken over by robots in the future, and it’s pretty terrifying, especially if you do fairly menial tasks. Estimates show that there is a 97.6% chance that bookkeeper positions will be eliminated, and a 98.3% chance of teller jobs disappearing forever. The good news in this mess is that the higher up the ladder you climb, the smaller the chance that you’ll be replaced by a machine. If your job focuses heavily on problem-solving, personally helping others, or negotiating, your jobs are safe….for now, anyway. For the rest of us, well, let’s hope we’ve gotten at least 1 promotion by the time robots enter the workforce.

Here’s a few more, just for fun:

Lawyers 3.5% Chance of being automated.

Telemarketers 99% Chance of being automated.

Fashion Models 97.5% Chance of being automated.

Accountants and Auditors 93.5% Chance of being automated.

Umpires and Referees 98.3% Chance of being automated.

If you need some reassurance, or you need to justify quitting your industry altogether, you can plug your occupation in here. Make sure you check your friends’ occupations, so you can be a real know-it-all at happy hour tonight.

[via NPR]

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