There Are Rumors Of A “Mighty Ducks 4” And I’m All Jacked Up

There Are Rumors Of A

“I can barely write this story because I’m shaking out of excitement,” is a sentence I just chatted to Dave. See, I used to spend countless hours in my driveway dressed in my Red Wings jersey firing slapshots and doing wrap-arounds in my rollerblades while channeling Adam “Cake Eater” Banks during the first scene of D2.

But today, we finally received the news that we’ve been waiting for since the credits rolled on D3: we may be getting a Mighty Ducks 4.

Per BarDown:

It seems as if the long awaited fourth installment in the Mighty Ducks franchise is in the works. While speaking on the “Quack Attack” podcast, Matt Doherty — the man we all know as Averman — spilled the beans, stating that a sequel to D3 is “definitely” in the works.

When asked if he knew any info on whether or not the film was in the midst of production at this point in time, Doherty stated that “I do know that there are definitely people that are working on that.”

Doherty later went on to state that there has definitely been “more than talk” on the production of a fourth film and that a number of studios and groups have already done work in getting the project off the ground.

If this rumor is true, and the band is getting back together, I think we can all agree that it may be the biggest midnight showing in the history of midnight showings.

The only question is what the storyline could possibly be. Luckily, my mind is absolutely racing and I’ve covered all the bases. My initial inclination was that they do a next-level D2/Miracle take where the boys (and girls, if somehow the rules are changed in the Olympics) take on Russia in a no holds barred gold medal game where the Russian coach makes Wolf “The Dentist” Stansson look like Bombay’s best friend. But, I feel like this is almost too obvious.

My mind then skated to an NHL free agency where all the key members of the Ducks hit the market at the same time only to have the new GM of the Minnesota Wild, Gordon Bombay, acquire all of them to make a hometown super team that goes on to win the Stanley Cup over the Anaheim Ducks. Then, in a bet between the Anaheim and Minnesota owners, Minnesota takes over the naming rights and are therefore called the Minnesota Ducks for the rest of time.

But what do I really want, you ask? The year is 2016 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Washed up and all working odd jobs to make ends meet, Charlie Conway (who works in the same diner as his mom when Bombay was putting the screws to her) calls everyone up to form a beer league team. Out of shape and all facing adversities of their own, the team gives them reprieve from the daily grind. The R-Rated film gives us the ins and outs of the league which is fueled with beer, inter-team hook-ups, and a ton of Minnesota accents telling people to, “Go fuck themselves.”

Hey, a guy can dream, right?

[via BarDown]

Image via Time / Disney

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