The US Department Of Energy Dropped Over $20 Million Dollars On Parties In 16 Months

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American taxpayers put up with enough shit as it is. Wasteful programs, exorbitant military expenses, welfare, unemployment, FICA, the DMV, the war on drugs, everything. The government is notorious for taking your money and pissing it away.

Before I get angry, I’m gonna take a step back. The government has been wasting our money for decades now and quite honestly, it’s our fault that we haven’t gotten it under control. No one truly gives a shit what the government does with our money, really. If we did, we’d be getting off of our asses and actually revolting against egregious government waste. Instead, these guys get to run free with taxpayer dollars and the sad fact of the matter is, I can’t really blame ’em. Smoke ’em if you got ’em. If you want to go get outraged in the comments section go right ahead. Just know your angry internet pretend words don’t mean dick unless you actually plan on marching on Washington to change this. So, let’s just sit back and admire how these bureaucrats blew our money.

In this case, we have the US Department of Energy, led by awesome hair guy and 18th century time traveler Ernie Moniz, spent over $20 million dollars on DoE blowouts from April 2013 to September 2014. Included in the expenditures are golf outings, cruise ship getaways and enormous hotel bills. Over 300 DoE-sponsored events, the bill totaled $21 million dollars. That’s an average budget of (opens calculator app) $70,000 dollars per event. Have you ever been to a $70k event? It usually requires you to wear a tuxedo.

From The DoE’s internal investigation:

“Our review also identified conference information regarding social events that in our view could lead to negative public perceptions. Existing guidance notes that participation in any associated social events should be limited and restrained to the greatest degree practicable to avoid the appearance of impropriety,” the inspector general said in the report.

“Despite this admonition, we found that attendance at some conferences included associated social events. For example, [Energy Department documents] showed department-sponsored conferences that included a casino night, Super Bowl party, golf tournament, banquet on a dinner cruise boat, dinner at the NASCAR Hall of Fame and a tour and dinner at an aquarium,”

These energy nerds are just balling out of control and unless you plan on starting a second revolutionary war, just acknowledge that the players are gonna play play play play, so you can just keep on hate hate hate hating until you decide to do something.

[via The Washington Times]

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