The United Kingdom Has An Engagement Trend That The United States Needs To Adopt

The United Kingdom Has An Engagement Trend That The United States Needs To Adopt

A 2013 report from Jewelers of America stated that the average engagement ring would run you a cool $4,000. Without doing an ounce of research because I fear my girlfriend seeing my Google history of, “how much do engagement rings cost in 2017,” I’m going to assume that figure has skyrocketed due to numerous factors that all point to Instagram.

As someone who has faced the question “When are you going to propose?” from friends and commenters alike, I keep information regarding the price of rings as far away as humanly possible because I cringe every time I buy beer at the grocery store knowing that my receipt is going to double in price. It wouldn’t even surprise me if millennial trash started crowdfunding rings with donations from friends and family just to get a ring that Instagram deems acceptable.

But as it turns out, not everyone is even using a ring to propose anymore. Cue the disgust, I’ll wait.

A survey from the British Reve Diamonds & Fine Jewellery concluded that 40% of men in the United Kingdom claimed to propose with “fake plastic rings purchased from a well-known online auction site, or alternatively used another method such as a letter to propose to their loved one.” I, for one, am surprised these men are alive to tell their brave stories.

While it’s likely for someone to read this study and say, “If they’re truly in love, that stuff shouldn’t matter,” I’ll say this – that person is lying. We live in a world where an announcement of an engagement is assumed to be followed by, “OMG, let me see the ring!” and a grainy iPhone photo showing said ring. No matter the amount of chill one couple may have, engagement rings are the expensive-ass societal standard for taking the next step in the relationship.

Unfortunately, with all this being said, the managing director of the jewelry company that conducted this survey had to do some backtracking in an effort to save his ass and his business.

“Our survey revealed that whilst men are perhaps being more cautious when making a marriage proposal in not immediately investing in an engagement ring and using a substitute, after receiving the magic answer of ‘yes’, they then went on to spend an average of £3,000 on an engagement ring. In fact 50% of respondents told us that they had spent between £3,000 and £5,000 on a diamond engagement ring.”

So you’re telling me we’ve got a bunch of British dudes out there tossing out ringless engagements hoping for a “yes” only to go drop £4,000 after? Alright, cool, totally. Diamonds, which are rumored to be “forever,” are apparently an afterthought for nearly half of the population barring any disastrous answers to “Will you marry me?”

If anyone feels like being a guinea pig for this new wave United Kingdom fad, please report back and let us know how it goes. Everyone else, take the crowdfunding idea I tossed out earlier and run with it. Hopefully it’ll buy something big enough to get the internet’s approval.

[via Professional Jeweller]

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