The Best Of PGP: The Top One-Liners Of 2013


It’s been a great first year for PGP. This is the first of many “Best of 2013” posts we’ll be running from now until the New Year. Today, we take a look at the best one-liners from 2013, as ranked by the number of favorites:

  1. “Getting the high score on the blood pressure monitor at your local CVS. #PGP”
  2. “Having to look the cleaning guy in the eye after exiting a stall. #PGP”
  3. “She’s office hot. #PGP”
  4. “Repeatedly explaining basic Microsoft Office commands to older coworkers. #PGP”
  5. “My boss types with two fingers. #PGP”
  6. “An overweight coworker telling you that your lunch is unhealthy. #PGP”
  7. “Getting passive aggressive comments about not contributing to the break room/party fund. #PGP”
  8. “Studying more for the CPA exam than you did for all of your college courses combined. #PGP”
  9. “I had Chipotle for lunch and dinner and I’m not even close to ashamed. #PGP”
  10. “They still havent approved my vacation time. #PGP”
  11. “Wishing your coworkers were hotter. #PGP”
  12. “I’m drunk in my LinkedIn picture. #PGP”
  13. “Throwing out your shoulder while playing a game of Golden Tee. #PGP”
  14. “Getting a text from a friend asking, “What are you doing this weekend?” at 11am on a Tuesday. #PGP”
  15. “At this point, I’m literally just pissing coffee. #PGP”
  16. “Any activity outside of your daily norm being classified as ‘exercise.’ #PGP”
  17. “My alma mater has switched conferences since I was in school. #PGP”
  18. “I think the other burners on my stove are jealous of front-left. #PGP”
  19. “Mandatory company-issued cell phone holster. #PGP”
  20. “When a video chat concludes, I feel like that person is watching me through my webcam the rest of the day. #PGP”
  21. “The overwhelming satisfaction you get when you see people you went to high school with doing much worse in life than you. #PGP”
  22. “Having nightmares about oversleeping for work. #PGP”
  23. “Being 15 minutes early to happy hour. #PGP”
  24. “Stashing plastic forks in your desk drawer. #PGP”
  25. “Working hard all day…to make sure your fantasy lineup is set just right. #PGP”

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